You Be The Judge in the Kyle Rittenhouse Murder Trial

Our local AdventHealth workers being caught in the vaccine mandate crossfire between DeSantis and Biden. If they aren't vaccinated by Jan 4th, or are given an exemption, they face suspension. This, just as the Special Session moved to ban vaccine mandates. Here's a link to the story.

How do you feel about the Wyoming Republican Party voting to no longer recognize Congresswoman Liz Cheney as a Republican? I know they did it because she turned against former President Trump, voted for his impeachment and then joined the House select committee investigating Trump's role in the January 6th assault on the U.S. Capitol. That said, Cheney has been a reliable conservative for years, and when Trump was President she voted to support his agenda an overwhelming majority of the time. I don't think any political party should cast off a member just because of decisions they've made while in office. If Wyoming voters don't like Liz Cheney, they can get rid of her on election day! Do you agree with me....or not?

Wyoming Republican Party: Liz Cheney No Longer Recognized (

How would you feel about gambling casinos at Walt Disney World and aboard their cruise ships? Until recently that was unimaginable. For years Disney had campaigned vigorously to keep gambling out of Central Florida, saying it was incompatible with their family friendly attractions. But now that sports betting has been legalized in Florida, Disney wants in on the action because they know there's big money to be made. I get that, but my question for Mickey Mouse and company is this: if gambling was so incompatible with your image just a few years ago, isn't it still incompatible now? Let's talk about it as we rap up Wednesday's show. We hope you'll join us on the "50,000 Watt Front Porch" !

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