Good Morning Orlando

Good Morning Orlando

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Palm scans for sandwiches

Pizza assault


Tik Tok CEO Grilled

Tik Tok's CEO got a bipartisan grilling in Congress Thursday, as Republican and Democrat lawmakers consider banning Tik Tok in the U.S.!

NAACP says Don't visit Florida

The NAACP says Florida under Governor DeSantis has become a racist state and blacks across the country should stop visiting the Sunshine State!

Trump's unhinged rant on DeSantis

We talk about the most vicious, seemingly unhinged rant I've ever seen Trump or any other politician unleash on a political opponent, and in this case it's been directed at a guy who's not even running for President at this point!

Whiskey vs Dog toys in Elsewhere


A giant asteroid will be passing earth


New fungal infection health threat?

Dr. Ken Kronhaus has the scoop on this fungal infection that's on the rise and posing a growing health threat across the country.

Monique Worrell doubles down

State Attorney Monique Worrell doubling down on her controversial decision not to prosecute the teenager police charged with murder in last Fall's shootings at a Jones High School football game.

Trump indictment watch update

N.Y. District Attorney, Alvin Bragg cancels Wednesday's grand jury session amid reports of dissension within his own office about whether an indictment should even be brought against the former President!