Good Morning Orlando with Simon Conway, Alan Spector Full Bio

Avoiding Girl Scouts and their cookies

A brewing mishap

Segregation in London

A theater in London is holding shows with black only audiences. WHY?

Trump has to pay

Trump ordered to pay nearly half a billion dollars in his NY case. How is this justified?

Trump vs Biden

Both went to the border, but only 1 went to where illegals are actually crossing. Guess which one...

The Georgia murder

An illegal immigrant Brutally murdered a college med student and more details are coming out. This could have been avoided.

Rick Scott on GMO

Senator Rick Scott had a lot to say about the border, the Government shutdown and more. Listen to the whole interview right here.

Roadhouse debacle

More Shutdown talk

Will there be a Government shutdown? Can they fix their issues? How do we avoid it?

A time capsule on the moon