Good Morning Orlando

Good Morning Orlando

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Proving a point by robbing a bank and a Sneaker airbnb in Elsewhere

Happy Thanksgiving eve

We had a little Turkey talk, threw in some politics and everyone got along.

Maria Carey at Macy's and did Bruce lee drink too much H2O in Elsewhere

Wokeness strikes back at Disney

Disney got a new/old CEO. What changes will they make and what changes SHOULD They make?

Elton John's last performance and a Ticketmaster apology in Elsewhere

Trump was invited back to Twitter

Will Trump use Twitter again now that his ban has been lifted?

New words and Snoop's "Doggy Dogs" in Elsewhere

Will there finally be an investigation?

Now that the Republicans have control of the House, will we see an investigation into the Biden boys?

Macy's floats and Abbey Road studios in Elsewhere

DeSantis tells everyone to "Chill out"

Love the Gov! DeSantis is telling everyone chill out after the elections. His focus is on Florida. Could this just be a lay low tactic? A 12 year old girl threatens a mass shooting at her school. What should her punishment be?