Tom Sullivan is one of America’s premiere broadcast hosts, working in many of the biggest media markets across the U.S. He joined the FOX News Business Channel and Fox News Talk Radio in October 2007 from 1530 KFBK in Sacramento, California. Pulling double duty on TV and Radio, Tom has never looked back.

Tom started his broadcasting career in 1980 at KFBK radio and has been the top-rated talk host in Sacramento since July 1998. He is a member of “Talker’s” magazine Heavy Hundred and has been nominated by the trade publication “Radio & Records” for News/Talk Personality of the Year. Tom got his first taste of network radio as a regular fill-in for the most listened to talk show in the world, The Rush Limbaugh Program, for a number of years.

Tom Sullivan is an expert in the Business world too. Tom Sullivan holds degrees in Business and Accounting. He attended Seattle University, the University of Washington and the Stanford University Graduate School of Business Executive Program. He also has more than a decade of experience as a founding member of an investment management firm in California. Tom was a reporter and anchor covering financial news for KCRA-TV in Sacramento as well.

In case you hadn’t guessed, Tom loves what he does… and is a passionate perfectionist. Before doing TV & Radio in Sacramento and filling in for Rush, he served as an EMT and deputy with the Washington State Highway Patrol.

Tom has a unique view of world events based on his life experiences. His radio talk show is smart, opinionated, and inclusive with great conversations on the hot news and trending issues of the day.



On Air: 855-295-6600

Tom Sullivan Show, November 29th, Hour 1

Tom Sullivan Show, November 29th, Hour 2

Anti-Israel protests continue all over the United States. NYC Mayor says crimes will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Tom Sullivan Show, November 29th, Hour 3

Car dealerships are having trouble selling electric vehicles.

Tom Sullivan Show, November 28th, Hour 1

Colleges campuses are seeing anti-Israel protests and the administration doesn't seem to be doing enough to prevent hate crimes.

Tom Sullivan Show, November 28th, Hour 3

The Wall Street Journal reports that Instagram's algorithm may be pushing child pornography. A Vermont man is charged with attempted murder after shooting three students who were wearing Palestinian keffiyeh scarves.

Tom Sullivan Show, November 28th, Hour 2

Chris Christie says that Trump will be a felon come 2024. Political analysts think that Republicans could win the Senate with 6 states being key.

Tom Sullivan Show, November 27th, Hour 1

A 4 year old American being hostage by Hamas is released after a cease-fire deal has been reached.

Tom Sullivan Show, November 27th, Hour 2

Police are unsure of the motive behind the shooting in Burlington Vermont.

Tom Sullivan Show, November 27th, Hour 3

Will President Biden be the Democrat nominee for the 2024 Presidential race?

Tom Sullivan Show, November 22nd, Hour 1

A vehicle exploded on the Rainbow Bridge along the US Canadian border near Niagra Falls.