DeSantis Fines Leon County for Vax Mandates!

Governor DeSantis is making good on his threat to start handing out stiff fines for those who violate his law against requiring vaccines. He's just fined Leon County more than $3.5 million dollars based on his formula of $5000 per violation. We'll hear from the Governor and debate whether these fines are fair and whether they'll hold up in court. Orange County is the other Florida county with a vaccine mandate for all employees and I'll explain why a $40 MILLION dollar state fine could be in the works!

We'll fire up the Biden Train wreck Express for a look at 3 big problems that are bound to get even worse for the Administration:

*How Biden's anti-fossil fuel policies are putting a crimp in oil supplies, which in turn will continue to cause gasoline prices to rise.

*At the southern border, we may be in for the worst crisis ever, as a caravan of 60,000 migrants is working its way up through Central America. Trump's wall's the answer....but thousands of steel wall panels are stacked up on the ground along the border because Biden continues to allow any wall construction.

*Speaker Pelosi is finally admitting she can't get Biden's $3.5 trillion socialist spending plan passed, and it'll have to be pared way down. We'll hear Pelosi scold the press for not doing more to sell the public on the need for all these social programs the left wants!

Two months after an Altamonte Springs toddler got hold of an unsecured gun and shot his mother to death, the father has just been charged with negligent manslaughter for leaving the gun unlocked in a backpack the youngster got into. While this was clearly a tragic accident, if convicted, the dad could face serious prison time. That prompts the the sole surviving parent, how can he raise the child if he's behind bars? What is justice in this case? We'll debate it and see what our listeners think should be done with the dad.

Florida's First Lady, Casey Desantis has breast cancer, and today, for the first time the Governor opened up about how she's doing, what she faces and how he's holding up. We'll play some of the Governor's comments and we know you will join us in wishing Ron and Casey and their young family the very best.

Remember our story about Vice President Harris talking with a bunch of kids about space exploration? Here's the follow up: those kids were paid actors! Talk about fake news!!

NewsRadio WFLA National Correspondent Rory O'Neill joins us LIVE with the very latest on Will Shatner and the Blue Origin crew, scheduled for liftoff about half an hour after our Wednesday show ends. Godspeed, Captain Kirk !

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