Good Morning Orlando Remembers September 11th, 2001

We share our remembrances of 9-11 beginning with Melissa who was at our station that day, followed by Alan who was on the air at another local radio station, followed by Bud who had a surreal experience of being in George Washington's headquarters at Valley Forge when news came of the terrorist attacks.

An update on efforts to get Americans and others out of Afghanistan. The Taliban is suddenly cooperating and have let one plane fly out at this writing.

We'll run through a local list of 9-11 observances and highlight some of what's planned nationally.

We focus on President Biden's COVID speech and his 6-point plan to defeat the virus and end the pandemic, react to his plan, and ask our listeners whether they like what Biden said or not.

NewsRadio WFLA national correspondent Rory O'Neill joins us to remember how we was assigned to cover then President Bush in Florida 20 years ago Friday. Rory also shares his recollections of 9-11. And, what a story this is!

What do Americans think about 9-11 20 years after the attacks? We'll focus on some of the key findings from the new FOX poll and the new Washington Post/ABC poll.

NewsRadio WFLA national correspondent Michael Bower joins us with a look at how 9-11 changed American life in a host of ways. And, he addresses the question of whether we are safer now from terrorism than we were 20 years ago.

Our 9-11 show closes with what to me is the most compelling song ever written about America's darkest day - Alan Jackson's "Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?"

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