Legal Briefs on August 22, 2018

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  • Question: Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to tax, bank fraud and campaign finance violations. Paul Manafort being convicted of 8 charges, 10 of those being declared a mistrial. A listener had a question about this. Are judges required to strictly follow sentencing guidelines or do they have some latitude? Do you think those guidelines pressure the accused to take plea deals out of fear? What are we going to see more coming from these two guys?
  • Answer: The government said that one of the defendants did not set a plea deal with Cohen but will let the judge decide. This is probably untrue, the prosecutors agreed to a sentencing recommendation.
  • Question: A listener received an audit letter, faxed them a letter requesting a 30-day extension to send them documents. They haven’t heard back from them. What’s their next plan of action?
  • Answer: Make sure it is the actual IRS since there are many scams going around. Call the local IRS phone number to verify. Normally yes, you do have to comply with the IRS and there are many attorneys who handle these matters.
  • Question: My wife recently left with our 2 children while I was away for work in another state. I have found out that she has left the country and is in Europe. How do I get my kids back?
  • Answer: Contact the FBI and say the children were taken out of country illegally and report them kidnapped. There are many countries that work with extradition.
  • Question: Aretha Franklin passed away last week from pancreatic cancer. She passed without a will.
  • Answer: This may cost millions of dollars in legal fees to resolve. There’s no smarter way to take care of your family than having a basic will. Be responsible and take advantage of this free offer on our website at

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