Legal Briefs on July 11, 2018

Legal Briefs on July 11, 2018

Questions from Deborah:

  • Question: How does one become a judge? You are an attorney. Since there are no college courses for it, what would be the first step you would have to take to become a judge?

Answer: You could be appointed or elected. In Florida, most of the judges are elected other than those appointed by a governor.

  • Question: It’s not the same in every state correct?

    Answer: Correct.

  • Question: Who does the appointing?

    Answer: It depends. It may be the governor, committee, etc.

  • Question: Lawyers for Paul Manafort are concerned about his safety in jail and have asked the judge to not transfer Manafort. The judge thought it would be easier for Manafort to have access to his legal team. However, the lawyers are stating that this might put Manafort’s life in danger. What are they trying to allude to?

    Answer: They are worried about his safety due to his popularity.

  • Question: Michael Cohen hires a new lawyer, Guy Petrillo. Once he takes over, the defense agreement which allowed his attorneys and the presidents attorneys to share documents and communicate is going to come to an end. Is that something that is very common in the legal world?

    Answer: Yes, they are common. The defense agreements are in place to avoid an attorney sabotaging another attorney’s career, case, etc.

Question from a listener:

  • Question: If you use someone’s existing product in your product, do you need to have their permission? For example, if you make trail mix and you put gummy bears in it, do you have to have gummy bears permission to use it?

    Answer: It depends on how much you are using and the way you are advertising.

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