Legal Briefs on August 1, 2018

Legal Briefs on August 1, 2018

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Questions from Deb:

  • Question: Today is the second day of the trial against former campaign chief Paul Manafort. In the opening statements, prosecutors accused Manafort of being a shrewd liar who orchestrated a global scheme to avoid paying taxes on millions of dollars. Word is that the feds have enough evidence to put Manafort away for many years. What do you see is going to be the outcome of this case?
  • Answer: In the end Manafort did not pay taxes and might be held accountable.

  • Question: Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood is very upset with Orange County’s Jerry Demings for allowing deputies to follow a stolen car into Volusia County. They watched 5 teenagers break into a gun store and steal 18 fire arms, then followed the suspects back to Orlando before arresting them. The sheriff said that the deputies did not notify Volusia County deputies that they were coming into their jurisdiction nor requested assistance. In fact, Demings ordered them to stay away from a crime taking place in their own jurisdiction. Legally, could this have an affect on these 5 teenagers?

  • Answer: Yes. It could be considered an unlawful stop and an unlawful arrest.

  • Question: The federal judge is halting the release of the 3D gun blue prints online. What do you see is behind that? I heard that there are already thousands of people that have downloaded the plans.

  • Answer: The blue prints can be obtained through many sources such as the dark web, but in my opinion, this is a wrong practice and it’s harmful.

Listener Question:

  • Question: We are looking to sue an agency that is based out of Minnesota. I am assuming that I am going to need legal representation in Minnesota?

  • Answer: Yes. The following three questions must be satisfied in most cases. Did somebody have a duty to do something? Did they failed to do that duty? Were you damaged?

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