Proposed Bill Bans 'Left Lane Cruising'

A proposed ban on drivers cruising in left lanes of highways is ready to be heard by the full Florida Senate.  The legislation unanimously passed its final committee stop Thursday.

The bill would apply to drivers on highways with at least two lanes in the same direction and speed limits of 65 miles per hour or higher. It would prevent them from using left lanes unless they are passing and could help curb motorists using right lanes to get around left-lane drivers.  

Senate bill sponsor Keith Perry says Florida’s roads are very busy, and his goal is to prevent people from using the right lane to pass slower traffic.  

“This violation is a non-criminal traffic infraction. The reason for this bill is that in 2024, we have over 18 million licensed drivers in the state of Florida,” said Perry.

The bill would set fines up to 158 dollars for using left lanes unless drivers are attempting to pass other motorists.  

An identical House bill is also ready for consideration by the full chamber. 

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