Florida Holiday Travelers Enjoy a Plunge at the Pump

A picture of money in a gasoline pump symbolizing gas prices

Photo: LockieCurrie / E+ / Getty Images

Gas prices in Florida are the lowest of the year, just in time for Thanksgiving travel.

Nearly 3 million Floridians will take advantage of a cut in gas prices and will hit the road this Thanksgiving.

Prices at more than half the gas stations in Florida under $3 a gallon, 15-cents less than a week ago.

The average is $3.04 which is 37-cents less than what drivers paid last Thanksgiving, according to AAA.

David Holt, president of Consumer Energy Alliance says, "While there could be some fluctuations in the coming weeks, gas prices should remain low through the holidays, unless oil prices suddenly spike which is a possibility given the global instability.”

The most expensive gas is in Palm Beach County at 3.28 a gallon and the least expensive is in the Panhandle at $2.90 a gallon. Holt attributes the difference to distribution costs.

The plummeting price of crude oil is the biggest contributor to the recent plunge at the pump.

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