Will Your Auto and Home Insurance Cover the Damage from This Week's Storm?

Storm Damage, Tree Splits a Roof

Photo: AwakenedEye / iStock / Getty Images

(Miami, Fla) - Many vehicles and homes have been damaged by falling trees and flooding in the wake of this week's freak storm.

And an insurance expert says Floridians need more than just standard home and auto insurance to pay for the damage.

Insurance Information Institute spokesman Mark Friedlander says the damage to your vehicle, even from a sinkhole, will only be covered if you have a comprehensive auto insurance policy.

Comprehensive will not only cover storm damage year-round, but Friedlander says it will also pay for auto theft, vandalism and a broken windshield.

He adds that fortunately, similar damage to your home will be covered by your standard home insurance policy and would not be subject to your hurricane deductible.

Flood damage, however, is only covered by flood insurance and Friedlander says Florida has more options for flood insurance than any other state in the country.

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