Murder For Hire Trial Underway in Miami-Dade County

Photo: Al Lewis

A murder-for-hire trial is underway in a Miami-Dade courtroom for a Presidente Supermarket partner.

Prosecutors allege Manuel Marin paid men to kill the man with whom his wife was having an affair. He's charged with second-degree murder, conspiracy to commit second degree murder and kidnapping, but in opening statements Tuesday morning, the defense said there's no proof Marin was there when Camilo Salazar was set on fire in the Everglades.

"2:30 or 3 o'clock when they left the house. He goes back and he's dressed exactly the same. He doesn't smell of gasoline; he doesn't have any blood on him, " said Marin's defense attorney.

He told jurors the order was to beat up Salazar to end the affair.

Roberto Isaac and two others have already been sentenced for their roles in the murder of Salazar.

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