Ousted Prosecutor Andrew Warren Vows Fight, Asks for Contributions

TAMPA -- Hillsborough's suspended State Attorney is vowing to fight to get his job back, as he opens a fundraising site for his political action committee.

Andrew Warren released a video Sunday morning captioned "Duly Elected State Attorney," accusing Governor Ron DeSantis of trying to "overthrow democracy in Florida" with a "plot" to overturn the results of a "fair and free election". The video covers many of the same points he made in a Thursday afternoon news conference and in interviews since, including on Newsradio WFLA. "DeSantis is trying to take away my job for doing my job," he said, "because he wants to throw women and doctors in jail...and enforce a law that discriminates against our LGBTQ community... a law that at this point, doesn't exist."

Warren ended his video by asking people to "stand with me." The video then dissolved to a call to support the "Safer, Stronger Florida" PAC, which is where the AndrewWarrenFL.com website now redirects. It asks for donations in amounts ranging from $15 to $2500.

The governor removed Andrew Warren last week, saying he was neglecting his duties for among other reasons, by pledging not to pursue abortion and gender reassignment prosecutions. Hillsborough Sheriff Chad Chronister, State Representative Mike Beltran, and former Tampa police chief Brian Dugan also accused Warren of failing to properly prosecute or oppose bond in certain cases. Warren may appeal the decision to the Florida Senate, which has ultimate say over whether he is permanently removed from office.

Listen to Warren's interview with Ryan Gorman below:

Photo: Andrew Warren

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