Florida AG issues alert for potential Russian cyberattacks

A consumer alert is being issued by Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody warning Floridians about potential cyberattacks connected to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

"The turmoil in Europe may increase the potential for widespread cyberattacks," Moody said. "It's important to know that cyberattacks aren't always narrowly targeted. Many hackers cast wide nets in an effort to steal as much information as possible."

Moody says these nets could ensnare small businesses, nonprofits and even private citizens in Florida. Moody is encouraging all Floridians to remain diligent in their efforts to protect identities and financial information online.

"Create strong passwords. Update security software. Verify email addresses or phone numbers before responding to messages. Avoid links received from unknown senders."

Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio says U.S. companies including banking, telecom and oil and gas, are potential targets of Russian cyberattacks and need to be on high alert. He says any incidents should be reported to the federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency promptly. Rubio serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

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