U.S. Army Offers Highest Recruitment Incentive: Up To $50,000!

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The U.S. Army is offering its largest bonus ever for new recruits.

Sergeant First Class Steven Gibson is a recruitment station commander in Jupiter.

"Even just somebody with as little experience as a high school student can get up to $50,000 as an enlistment bonus for joining active duty or up to $20,000 for doing the Reserve."

He says that previously, enlistment incentives for full-time soldiers could not exceed $40,000.

The $50k maximum is based on a combination of incentives for qualified individuals who sign up for six years of active duty.

The Army is competing for the same talent as other military branches and the private sector, according to Capt. Sam Firkins, Commander of the U.S. Army Recruiting Company in Jupiter.

"I like to call it the 'War for Talent.' We're still in a war for talent competing against major markets...Amazon, your fast food chains offering bonuses."

Sgt. Gibson says the Army is the largest military branch, so they need the most people. That effects things like the number of different jobs recruits can choose from.

He says they're not just looking for people straight out of high school.

"We also have something called the Army Civilian Acquired Skills Program. This program allows people to come in who have experience in a certain field. They can come into the Army at a higher rank, go through less training and then they get to pick their assignments."

The U.S. Army has recruiting stations across the state and finding out more is as simple as stopping in to one of them.

For more information, visit GoArmy.com.

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