Governor says no lockdowns in Florida in response to Omicron strain

In responding to the Omicron COVID variant Governor Ron DeSantis said Monday lockdowns should be taken off the table. The governor says he heard Dr. Fauci say 'lockdowns couldn't be ruled out' and President Biden said lockdowns aren't being considered, 'for now.'

"Let me just say, in Florida, we will not let them lock you down," Governor DeSantis said in Orlando. "We will not let them take your jobs, we will not let them harm your businesses, we will not let them close your schools."

Governor DeSantis says he doesn't like the idea of even entertaining what he calls 'destructive, disastrous' policies like lockdowns.

"I mean honestly I'm not surprised because I think some people are just wired for this but it is not going to happen in the state of Florida (lockdowns) and you can take that to the bank."

Governor DeSantis was speaking from the local Florida Highway Patrol headquarters where he announced that his proposed state budget will include $73 million to give raises to FHP troopers, agents with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and officers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Entry level pay would increase by 20 percent. Veteran officers would see their pay hiked by 25 percent. The full state budget will be released next week.

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