Rubio tells Blinken Afghan exit creates geopolitical mess

During Tuesday's Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing into the chaotic U-S withdrawal from Afghanistan Florida Senator Marco Rubio told Secretary of State Antony Blinken there was plenty of intelligence predicting Afghan forces would quickly collapse-

"There are numerous pieces that would be categorized as 'it's going to hit the fan,'" Rubio said. "We had every reason to believe and to plan for the rapid collapse of the Afghan military and the Afghan government."

Rubio said the way the withdrawal was carried out leaves the United State in a bad place geopolitically.

"I think China and Russia and Iran- they look at this botched withdrawal and what they see is incompetence that they think they might be able to exploit- may lead to miscalculation."

And the Republican said our European allies have to be wondering about our reliability while being very upset about the prospect of a massive refugee crisis landing on their borders very soon.

Secretary Blinken told Rubio the worst case scenario from the intelligence community as we entered the summer was that the Taliban could take over the country by the end of the year.

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