Palm Beach County's Mask Mandate Comes To An End

Palm Beach County is doing away with its mask mandate that's been in place for over a year.

"The governor's order has usurped our countywide mandate. We are going to follow the governor's order and the CDC guidelines."

County Administrator Verdenia Baker says she is still going to require employees and people doing business inside county buildings to wear face coverings. She said with Hurricane Season nearly here, the county is already short-staffed.

Local health officials and some county commissioners are still urging residents wear face coverings in certain situations.

"Our state is still at a very high virus spread. Those who choose to go without the mask, keep that in mind."

County Health Director, Dr. Alina Alonso with the Florida Department of Health, says 52 percent of the county's population is vaccinated and that's nowhere near herd immunity.

Vice Mayor Robert Weinroth said that despite the mask mandate coming to an end, residents shouldn't throw away their masks.

"People should feel that if they need a mask, if they have a cold, or if they're going to be in a situation where they're gonna be with people they don't know in tight quarters, they should continue to wear a mask."

Commissioner Maria Marino reminded residents that businesses can still keep their requirements in place.

The move to end the county mask mandate came a day after Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that he was suspending all locally issued pandemic-related orders and mandates.

Photo: CBS 12