Before sticking your toe in the water at the beach this holiday weekend..

If you're spending time at your favorite beach over the Memorial Holiday weekend- be sure to practice social-distancing along the shore- AND be careful in the water.

Dangerous surf is lurking along some Florida beaches including Volusia County where Ray Manchester is Beach Safety Director.

"The surf is pretty rough right now- we're flying red flags," Manchester says. "The Beach Safety Division is ready and lifeguard towers are fully staffed. There's no excuse not to swim in front of a staffed lifeguard tower."

And that goes even for those who think they're Michael Phelps.

"Even if you're a great swimmer and you have good water skills, you may get in a situation where you need help."

And if you're just planning on soaking up some sun on the beach- don't get too close to your fellow beachgoers.

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