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Graceland in trouble

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Fort Stevenson State Park in North Dakota celebrated its 50th anniversary by breaking a delicious world record on Saturday. The park became the site of the most people making s'mores at a single location, and a Guinness World Records judge was on site to make it official. Up until now, the world record was 891 people, but that mark was shattered when one-thousand-150 people showed up to make s'mores at Fort Stevenson.


A granddaughter of Elvis Presley is suing to stop the sale of his Graceland mansion. Attorneys representing Riley Keough say a temporary restraining order has been issued for the auction, which was scheduled to be held this Thursday. Keough inherited the Memphis home after her mother, Lisa Marie Presley, died last year. A Missouri-based investment and lending company claims Lisa Marie used Graceland as collateral and defaulted on a loan. Keough claims in the lawsuit that the company is committing fraud and that "Lisa Marie Presley never borrowed money" from the lender. 


In a new Rolling Stone interview, Kid Rock allegedly brandished a gun and uttered the n-word. The magazine released the feature Sunday, describing the musician's use of the racial slur as he talked about politics and the Republican party. The reporter claims Kid Rock had "at least three or four" mixed alcoholic drinks during the conversation. He also talked about his support of former President Donald Trump, referring to him as his "bestie" and trying to dial him up. Trump did not take the call.


Just as football fans in the U.S. look forward to the announcement of the Super Bowl Halftime Show performer, fans in Europe want to know who's performing at their biggest "football" championship. And now they know. Lenny Kravitz will perform in the Kickoff Show prior to the UEFA [[ you-AY-fuh ]] Soccer Championship on June 1st at Wembley Stadium in London. The months-long tournament known as the Champions League posted a video on its Instagram account of Kravitz that promotes both the Kickoff Show and his forthcoming album. "Blue Electric Light" comes out this Friday.


Paul McCartney has become Britain's first-ever billionaire musician. That's according to "The Sunday Times Rich List," which ranks the 350 wealthiest individuals and families in the U.K. The net worth for McCartney and his wife, Nancy, is one-billion-pounds. In U.S. currency, that's nearly one-point-three-billion-dollars. By comparison, the other British musicians on the list -- Elton John, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards -- each have a net worth between 400-million and 500-million-pounds. 


Maybe you like pineapple, but how much would you pay for one? A Southern California grocer is selling a luxury pineapple for a lot of money. The Rubyglow pineapple is a result of 15 years of research and experimentation. Only a few thousand of these pinkish-red, designer pineapples are produced each year by Fresh Del Monte. You can purchase one Rubyglow pineapple at Melissa's Produce in Los Angeles for 395 dollars. 


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