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Legal docs in a dumpster

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A new exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City features hip-hop jewelry. The exhibit is called "Ice Cold: An Exhibition of Hip Hop Jewelry" and is celebrating hip-hop's cultural influence through custom-made jewelry from the music genre's biggest stars, including Notorious B.I.G, Slick Rick, Bad Bunny and Nicki Minaj. The exhibit, which chronicles the evolution of jewelry in hip-hop over the past five decades, builds on New York City's celebration of the 50th anniversary of hip-hop as a global phenomenon. 


Mister Softee, an iconic soft ice cream company, is launching an app to let you know when their truck is in your neighborhood. With a jingle that's that familiar to three generations of ice cream lovers, it's impossible to miss the Mister Softee truck. But if you want to know exactly when it'll hit your block, there's now an app for that. You just type in your zipe code to find out the location of the nearest truck. Mister Softee, which is headquartered in New Jersey, has 350 franchisees and 625 trucks in 18 states including Florida. 


Ohio State University's commencement speaker says he took a psychedelic while writing his speech that encouraged people to buy cryptocurrency. Entrepreneur and OSU alum Chris Pan wrote on LinkedIn days before the ceremony that he got help using the mind-altering substance, ayahuasca. On Sunday, Pan was booed as he tried to motivate graduates to buy bitcoin, and force them into a sing-a-long.


Video has gone viral on several social media platforms showing the balcony at Detroit's Fox Theatre swaying Monday night. It happened during a concert by the rapper Gunna, who posted cellphone video.

A man who was sitting right below the balcony says he never felt like he wasn't safe. But after Gunna posted the video on Instagram, thousands of people have wondered if the theater is safe. The Fox Theatre has been open since 1928 and seats around five-thousand people. Ilitch Sports and Entertainment owns the theater and says the movement in the balcony is part of its structural engineering design and it is inspected on a regular basis. 


A new version of "The Office" is in the works at Peacock. Variety reports it'll be a new mockumentary show with a brand-new cast, rather than a reboot of the classic NBC comedy. The new Office will see the documentary crew that followed Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch now follow a Midwestern newspaper office and a publisher trying to bring it back to life with volunteer reporters.


A man who helps to maintain a shopping center in California has discovered dozens of private legal files in open dumpsters. The documents carry the name of the Speckman Law Firm, whose slogan is "your financial lifeguard." The documents contain social security numbers and other personal information from former clients. David L. Speckman says the documents were his, but he hired movers to shred the documents. He says the documents were to be picked up to be shredded on Monday. They were found in the dumpster Tuesday. Speckman is now retired and leaving the state. 


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