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Alligator Drive-Thru

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A new law in Minnesota protects buyers of concert tickets. On Tuesday, Governor Tim Walz signed the so-called "Taylor Swift bill." It was crafted after a Minnesota lawmaker couldn't get tickets for a Swift concert last year. It requires ticket sellers to give the full price for each ticket before purchase, including all fees. It also bans deceptive practices by ticket sellers and prohibits the practice of selling tickets before they actually become available.


A star-studded cast for Disney's Lion King concert will take the stage at the Hollywood Bowl later this month. North West, the daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, will be joined by Lion King franchise veterans like Jeremy Irons, Nathan Lane and Billy Eichner. Jennifer Hudson will also take part in the concert as a special guest. "Disney's The Lion King 30th Anniversary - A Live-to-Film-Concert Event" will take place May 24th and 25th. It will be available to stream on Disney-Plus later this year.


A chef from Brooklyn is getting excited about the emergence of cicadas this spring. Joseph Yoon of Brooklyn Bugs tells the New York Times he uses whole cicadas in place of shrimp in his recipes. He says they have a mild woody flavor from slowly growing underground. Yoon says he's an edible bug ambassador and tours around the world to share the potential of edible insects. Another chef from Chicago says the bugs are high in protein and contain fats, carbohydrates and a number of organic compounds. 


It was just a regular day at work for bank tellers at an Addition Financial credit union in Leesburg...until an unexpected visitor made its way through the credit union's drive-thru - and the bank said they "did not have an account with us." That's because the surprise customer was an alligator. Addition Financial shared photos and videos with FOX 35 that showed the creature crawling in the drive-thru as tellers looked on. The credit union said the gator sighting occurred last week.


New research shows the smell of food cooking, by The Rock or anyone else, is a sign of air pollution. A new study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration measured what they called "underappreciated sources" of urban air pollution. Researchers wrote that if you can smell the food, "there's a good chance it's impacting air quality." Overall, they found that cooking accounts for a nearly a quarter of volatile organic compounds in the air. The study's lead author says having the data is the first step to making policy decisions.


A couple in Wisconsin is facing charges after allegedly getting it on in the lobby of a county jail. 28-year-old Desmound Cleveland and 67-year-old Karen Hill were caught doing the deed in the waiting room of the Waukesha County Jail last week. Ms. Hill admitted to it, and deputies say she told them--quote-- 'sex happens.' Waukesha County doesn't have a loitering ordinance for the jail, and there's no specific ban on sex in the jail lobby, so the best that prosecutors can do is charge the couple with disorderly conduct.


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