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Hunter Biden indicted on felony gun charges

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Will the big waves from Hurricane Lee subside in time for you to enjoy our Central Florida beaches this weekend? And, will New England escape a direct hit from the big storM? What about Nova Scotia, Canada? Get answers to all these questions and a look at what else is going on in the tropics, as Accu-Weather Meteorologist Bill Deger joins us live with the very latest.

Finally, a criminal indictment against Hunter Biden, who now faces three felony gun charges that would likely put you or me in prison for years! What's likely to be Hunter's fate, and what did his dad, Joe Biden have to say about it when he gave a speech Thursday afternoon just after the Hunter indictment news broke? We'll talk about all that and the likelihood of further criminal charges against the Biden Boys.


Locally, accused cop killer Othal Wallace testified Thursday about the night he fatally shot Daytona Beach police officer Jason Raynor in the head. You'll hear Wallace insist he had no other choice, which is high on the list of the most outrageous things I've ever heard a murder suspect say on the witness stand!


I'll also tell you about some important changes being made by the new Orange-Osceola County State Attorney Andrew Bain, the tough on crime conservative Governor DeSantis called on to replace soft on crime social justice warrior Monique Worrell when he suspended her earlier this Summer.


You'll meet the next Speaker of the Florida House of Representative, Daniel Perez, as he joins us live on Good Morning Orlando. We'll ask him about his top priorities when he takes the gavel in Tallahassee, and about the most serious issues facing the Florida Legislature and the people of the Sunshine State.

President Trump's Georgia election trial is being delayed. And what's the latest news on the other trials looming for the former President? We'll get the answers from Newsradio WFLA White House Correspondent and Attorney, Jon Decker who joins us live from Washington.


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