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NAACP says don't come to Florida

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I think Donald Trump has come down with the first confirmed case of DDS...that's DeSantis Derangement Syndrome! We'll talk about the most vicious, seemingly unhinged rant I've ever seen Trump or any other politician unleash on a political opponent, and in this case it's been directed at a guy who's not even running for President at this point! My question to you and our Good Morning Orlando team- why is Trump doing this?! Here's a link to what Trump has posted on his social media platform, Truth Social. Take a look, and then let us know what you think about it by calling into our show at 407 916 5400, sending a text message to 23680, or recording your thoughts using our Talkback feature available on the iHeartradio app !


We'll talk about the big controversy surrounding the decision to cancel a drag show scheduled for Orlando's Boone High School. The performance was supposed to take place before the school's LGBTQ+ club until the Orange County School Board and the State of Florida stepped in to shut it down. Was this the right call or the wrong call?


Florida under Governor DeSantis has become a racist state and blacks across the country should stop visiting the Sunshine State! That's essentially what the Florida chapter of the NAACP is saying and they want the national NAACP to support them. We'll hear a Florida NAACP member make the case for out of state blacks boycotting Florida, and we'll also hear Governor DeSantis' response!


Once again we have our Newsradio WFLA National Correspondent Rory O'Neill on Trump Indictment Watch, and he'lll join us with any new developments from the Manhattan D.A.'s office in New York City.

The Tik Tok app is incredibly popular..;.used and enjoyed by some 150 million Americans! It's also closely connected to the Chinese Communist Party and considered by the FBI to be a serious national security threat! Tik Tok's CEO got a bipartisan grilling in Congress Thursday, as Republican and Democrat lawmakers consider banning Tik Tok in the U.S.! Newsradio WFLA National Correspondent Erin Real is on the story and joins us live. And when we're done talking with Erin, we'll ask you to tell us whether you think Tik Tok should be banned...or not!


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