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A new fungal infection health threat?

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I'll start our show with a quick "Trump Indictment Watch" update, as the Manhattan, N.Y. District Attorney, Alvin Bragg cancels Wednesday's grand jury session amid reports of dissension within his own office about whether an indictment should even be brought against the former President!

 Also in our first talk segment, Thursday's school shootings in Denver, Colorado which are raising a couple of issues we need to talk about:

There were no school resource officers to confront and perhaps stop the student with the gun from

  shooting members of the school staff. Why, because the school board caved to anti-police sentiment after the George Floyd

  killing and removed cops from all the schools! And, as I'll explain, if Orlando's new left wing Democrat Congressman Maxwell Frost

  had his way, we wouldn't have any armed school resource officers protecting students, teachers and staff in our local schools!

The suspect in the Denver school shootings is another one of these troubled, violence prone students we insist on mainstreaming into

 our public schools, putting everyone else at risk. We've had problems with this in Central Florida and I think it's time we rethink this

 mainstreaming policy. Do you agree or disagree? Let's talk!


You'll hear Governor DeSantis sounding more like a presidential candidate than ever, as he talks about beating Biden, taking on Trump,

and explaining why he could be just the kind of President America needs in 2024!



You'll hear Orange-Osceola State Attorney Monique Worrell doubling down on her controversial decision not to prosecute the teenager police charged with murder in last Fall's shootings at a Jones High School football game. I can't wait for Governor DeSantis to suspend Worrell for failing to prosecute violent criminals and repeat offenders...and for her arrogant and condescending attitude as well !



Once again we have Newsradio WFLA National Correspondent Rory O'Neill on Trump indictment watch. He'll join us with the very latest from Manhattan's Trump-hating District Attorney Alvin Bragg who mysteriously canceled Wednesday's grand jury session. What's he up to, and is Trump going to be indicted or not? Rory tells all !


We'll have a special House call from our health and medical expert Dr. Ken Kronhaus. Doc will have the scoop on this fungal infection that's on the rise and posing a growing health threat across the country. Dr. K. will also give us his take on the prospects for another pandemic some health officials think is inevitable and could be far worse than COVID!


Olsen on Law with Alan and Attorney Tom Olsen-today's topic: Can you get a ticket if police catch you flashing your headlights to warn drivers of a speed trap ahead?

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