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An assault with lettuce and Hot Tub mountain lion

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Bruce Springsteen was at the White House yesterday to shake hands with President Biden and receive the National Medal of Arts. Springsteen was among 21 performers, authors and groups honored by the president with the National Arts and Humanities medals. Other honorees included singer Gladys Knight, actors Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Mindy Kaling, and fashion designer Vera Wang. 


Police in Salt Lake City say a woman after she hit another woman in the face with a head of lettuce. The 43-year-old woman was arrested Saturday. The suspect also reportedly grabbed a necklace from a third person and punched that person in the eye. The woman was booked into jail on charges of misdemeanor assault and felony robbery.


The sprawling southern California ranch owned by John Wayne in the 1970s is on the market again. The two-thousand-acre property is just south of Hemet at the foothills of Palomar Mountain. The property boasts a three-bedroom, three-thousand square-foot single-level living space on ten parcels of land, a barn, three wells, and miles of horse and hiking trails. The "Rancho Pavoreal," or Peacock Ranch as it's known, is listed for 12-million dollars.  



New findings suggest life on Earth may originate from extraterrestrial sources. Scientists in Japan point to an analysis of samples collected from an asteroid in 2020. More than 20 types of amino acids -- which are the building blocks of life -- were collected from an asteroid about 180-million miles away from Earth. Researchers say the findings increase the possibility that water and other organisms on Earth had their origins in space.


A Colorado man is recovering he was attacked while relaxing in a hot tub. Colorado Parks and Wildlife says the man felt something grab his head on Saturday night at his home near Nathrop. That something was a mountain lion. He and his wife began splashing water on the big cat and screaming at it until it let go and moved away. The man had scratches to his head but no other injuries.


You can still hear "Enter Sandman" at a Virginia Tech women's basketball game despite the song being banned by the NCAA. The Metallica classic is a rally song for the Virginia Tech team, but it's being banned by the women's March Madness tournament because the NCAA says it wants to keep "campus host sites as neutral as possible." So, during last Friday night's game against Chattanooga, fans took matters into their own hands and sang "Enter Sandman" themselves. Virginia Tech went on to beat Chattanooga 58-to-33.


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