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A Study finds morning people are smarter

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All aboard the Biden Train-wreck Express for a disturbing trip that makes two stops during today's show:

We'll explore what's behind President Biden's lack of tough talk about Communist China's "Zero COVID" lockdown policy that has triggered the biggest anti-government protests we've seen there in more than thirty years? Is Biden afraid to rip the ChiComs and their dictator Xi because they might spill the beans over what they know about Joe and Hunter Biden's business dealings in China? Hmmmm...


What's the deal with Biden refusing to allow any new oil drilling in the U.S. while greenlighting a deal for Chevron to pump oil in the socialist nation of Venezuela headed by their brutal dictator Maduro?!


You'll hear Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey talking tough about the urgent need to crack down on troublemaking students with a much stricter school discipline policy than the one in place now. He makes it sound like the young "inmates" are running the "asylum" in Brevard's schools, and I wouldn't be surprised if similar things are happening in other school districts in the area! 


We'll talk about why so many Americans are fleeing states like New York and California and making new homes here in Florida. Are they fleeing crime, high taxes, heavy handed policies like COVID lockdowns, bad weather, or??? Let's talk about it!

A new study finds that folks who consider themselves to be morning people are generally smarter than everyone else! Do you think it's true? If so, what makes them smarter? As a guy who's worked all times of day and night during my broadcasting career I have some thoughts on this which I'll share with you during this segment of Tuesday's show. Can't wait to see what  Alan, Guy and Lizzie have to say, and, as always, we want to know what you think, so be ready to join the conversation!


Olsen on Law with Alan and Attorney Tom Olsen - We'll get Tom's take on the woman who is suing the folks who make Velveeta cheese for millions of dollars over what she says are false claims over how long it takes to prepare their Velveeta and pasta shells product. Does she have a winning case or not?

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