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Is the left trying to cancel Thanksgiving and Christmas?

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Gun violence- is it a problem without a solution? That's the question I'm posing to my Good Morning Orlando colleagues, Alan, Guy and Lizzie, and to our listeners who comprise the smartest audio in news talk radio. Why? Because, as the mass shootings just keep on coming all across America, I've been unable to come up with a solution. Anyone who knows me well knows I pride myself on being able to analyze a problem and find a solution. But when it comes to gun violence, I don't know what the solution is, do you? 

Take the Walmart manager in Virginia who shot and killed his co-workers in the store's break room, for example. He legally bought the pistol he used the same day he committed mass murder. He had no criminal record. Like many in management, some workers didn't like him, but others did. He'd been on the payroll more than ten years. Red flags? After the shootings, the guy committed suicide and left behind a death note on his phone explaining how he was angry at employees who had mocked him and explaining what he was about to do. It was too late. What are we going to do, create a high tech police force dedicated to snooping on everyone's phone all the time?


Here's a solution to the gun violence in America- confiscate all the guns! Not only is that unconstitutional because we have a Second Amendment right to bear arms, which I totally support, but there are now more guns than people in this country! There's no way to even come close to confiscating all the guns, and even if that were possible, the bad guys would always find ways to get guns- always have, always will. 

I could go on and on with my thoughts on how to end the gun violence, but all my thoughts lead to a dead end road and the disturbing conclusion that

gun violence is a problem without a solution. Do you agree, or do you have the solution? Let's talk about this!

Former President Trump is getting ripped across party lines for hosting a dinner at Mar-A-Lago last week for anti-Semite Kanye West and white supremacist Nick Fuentes. Here's some

info on the story, which has me wondering what in the world was Trump thinking, and whether we are looking at a major derailment of the Trump Train so soon after he got it back

on track and headed, he hopes, toward another term in the White House!



We have three entries for you in Monday morning's "Looney Left File"! :

In a major misfire for Mickey Mouse and company, Disney's LGBTQ themed movie "Strange World" is bombing at the box office! I'll tell you why that is!


Cancel Thanksgiving?! Cancel Christmas?!! That's what a so-called public health expert wants and we'll talk about it!


Leave it to MSNBC's prime-time left wing flame throwing host Joy Reid to rip Thanksgiving, blast the Republicans and play the race card, almost all in one breath...as you will hear!


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