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Other than Turkey, what is a "must have" on your Thanksgiving table?

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Wednesday's edition of "Good Morning Orlando" will be our Thanksgiving show. Alan, Guy, Lizzie and I will be off Thursday and Friday enjoying Thanksgiving with our families, and we'll be bringing you special programming both mornings from 6 to 9 AM.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I hope you'll respond to our One Word Texting Poll during Wednesday's show:


We'll talk about Fauci's farewell, as Dr. Anthony Fauci, the official federal government face of the COVID-19 pandemic, speaks for the final time in the White House press briefing room before his retirement. We'll let you know what Fauci had to say. Then we'll tell you what we think of the doctor who has been so controversial since the pandemic began, and we'll invite you to tell us your thoughts on Fauci. Do you love him, or loathe him, or are you somewhere in between?  


In the wake of the tragic death of a teenager who fell from the Free Fall thrill ride at Orlando's ICON Park, the Florida Department of Agriculture headed by Nikki Fried, has just issued a massive report. Fried wants to fine the ride's operator an unprecedented $250,000 for their role in Tyre Sampson's death. The state report also calls for new thrill ride regulations to be part of the Tyre Sampson Law Fried and company want passed by the Florida Legislature and signed by Governor DeSantis. I don't have a problem with more tightly regulating ride safety, but I do have a problem with plans to tear down the Free Fall ride. It was perfectly safe before someone tampered with the seat Tyre Sampson was sitting in and apparently caused him to slip out and fall to his death. Do you agree with me that tearing down the ride is the wrong response to this tragic, but isolated event? Let's talk!


From the Budman's Believe It Or Not File comes news that the federal government's Health and Human Services agency is calling for mask mandates again, as COVID-19 cases continue to be a threat in many parts of the country. That's not so unbelievable, but this is: Governor Ron DeSantis predicted the feds would go this route right after the midterm elections.

What the feds are doing here in November, DeSantis predicted way back in March, and I have the sound of him saying it! Wait until you hear this!


We'll talk about the U.S. Supreme Court ordering former President Trump to turn over his tax returns to Congress. I'll tell you what their game plan is, and it doesn't look good for Trump!



We'll focus on another low for the hate filled liberal media. Some outlets are trying to blame conservatives for the mass shooting at a gay bar in Colorado Springs, Colorado that left five people dead and many more wounded! It seems to me the blame lies solely with the gunman and no one else. This is outrageous and we'll talk about it!


I'll bring you a musical Thanksgiving memory from my childhood, by sharing something wonderful we did at my elementary school around Thanksgiving time, which no child in a public school today has ever done or will ever get to do! What is it? Be sure to be listening Wednesday at 8:05 AM !

So, what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Let us know by calling 407 916 5400, text us at 23680, or make your own recorded message by using our Talkback feature on the iHeartradio app.

From all of us at Good Morning Orlando on Newsradio WFLA, have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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