Florida House Speaker Ends Run for Governor

A major development in the race for governor took place Wednesday. 

After spending five million dollars on his unofficial campaign and going nowhere in the polls, Florida House Speaker Richard Corcoran, of Land O'Lakes, decided he won't be running after all.

Corcoran, a Republican, said he didn't have enough money to make a decent run of it. 

"Florida's an expensive state; it costs a lot of money to run," he said. "We looked at where we were after (the legislative) session, got with my family as I said I would, and I don't think we had the resources to move forward."

Corcoran said he was endorsing Adam Putnam for governor, so the GOP primary will be a showdown between Putnam and Congressman Ron DeSantis, who has the endorsement of Donald Trump.

DeSantis, apparently stung by Corcoran's decision to endorse Putnam, issued a press release calling it a corrupt bargain by Tallahassee swamp dwellers. 

Corcoran and Putnam had fun with that because DeSantis has a reputation for campaigning on Fox news, but rarely campaigns in Florida.

When Corcoran heard of the release issued by DeSantis, he asked Putnam "Was it from a studio in New York?"

Putnam chuckled when he replied "It was a long-distance fax that he sent that from."

Though Corcoran barely moved the needle as a contender for the governor's office, he is seen by many insiders as a powerful ally for Putnam.

Corcoran has also made it clear that he's convinced Putnam is the best chance the GOP has for holding the governor's mansion.


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