Gov. Scott Signs School Safety Bill

Governor Rick Scott has signed a school safety bill in response to the shootings at Stoneman Douglas High. 

Scott signed the bill Friday, saying it strikes a balance on gun rights. 

The bill bans bump stocks and raises the age to buy a rifle, but it does not ban assault rifles or high capacity magazines.

"I know that many wanted more wanted more gun control than what is included in this bill, and I know that many believe this bill has too much gun control," he said. "I respect the sincerity and the validity of both of these viewpoints."

A spokesman for the NRA, however, says the bill punishes law-abiding gun owners for the criminal acts of a deranged individual.

The bill also has $400 million to harden schools, hire school resource officers and improve mental health treatment. 

But Scott admits he still has his doubts about the school marshal program included in the package.

"I've heard all the arguments for teachers to be armed, and while this bill was significantly changed on this topic, I'm still not persuaded," he said. "I'm glad, however, the plan in this bill is not mandatory. It will be up to locally elected officials."

Officials with a number of school districts have already said they won't be taking part in the school marshal program and Scott says any money left over should be used for school resource officers.


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