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Clay Weighs in on the Persecution of Donald J. Trump

Clay appeared on Hannity to give his legal perspective on the FBI storming President Trump’s home, breaking into a safe, and trampling our democracy in the process. Read the transcript below.

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HANNITY: Clay, let’s get your take on this. Can you think of any possible reason, justification, that this raid today, that they will give us? Because we are being told that it’s all related to classified documents that the president may or may not have had at Mar-a-Lago.

CLAY: Sean, this is unprecedented. No, I can’t. You’ve got the video that you’ve been playing showing this was a predawn raid. (chuckles) The sun was not yet up. Former President Trump’s house, they have 30 FBI agents effectively storming the gates at Mar-a-Lago. The only thing I can break down here — and I’m putting my legal hat on to analyze this — they are going to charge Donald Trump with a crime. I don’t think you can overlook what’s going on here.

Now, what is that crime? That’s what many people are asking. What are they going to try and manufacture and bring to bear here? Remember, in order to get the search warrant they had to find probable cause. A judge, magistrate, someone out there did. Maybe it was based, like much of the Russia investigation was, on flawed warrants. But they had to believe there was reasonable in particular evidence that they were searching for. And Christopher Wray at the FBI and Merrick Garland, the attorney general, all had to sign off on this. Now, the big question that I think is out there is: What are they going to potentially try to charge Trump with? And, Sean, you know this. I think this actually makes Donald Trump stronger, because a confirms —

HANNITY: I don’t disagree. I agree.

CLAY: — everything that he has been saying about this corrupt process.

HANNITY: But, Clay, he said the lawyers were not allowed to be in the room with the FBI people.

CLAY: Yeah.

HANNITY: That’s problematic to me. The lawyers were on site. Why were they…?

CLAY: Oh, horribly so! We know they will manufacture evidence. They’ve done it before. Why do we trust that what they say they actually found there?

HANNITY: I don’t trust them.

CLAY: I don’t either.

HANNITY: Clay, thank you.

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