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Library book fine

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For 80s music fans who've been complaining about "too much Hall, not enough Oates," good news. The "and Oates" half of Hall and Oates is announcing a new solo album and tour. John Oates' tour kicks off tonight in Huntington, New York. There are 23 dates but, sorry, none in Florida. Oates' new album is called "Reunion," but don't call his tour a "reunion tour." He and longtime music partner Daryl Hall remain in a legal battle following Hall's restraining order prohibiting Oates from selling his share of the Hall and Oates catalog.

The new Joker sequel is getting it's rating. "Joker: Folie à Deux" [[ Fah-LEE-uh-DOO ]] brings back Joaquin Phoenix as the iconic Batman villain, and will introduce Lady Gaga as his sidekick, Harley Quinn. "Variety" says the sequel will be a musical with at least 15 well-known songs, including a classic by Judy Garland. The Motion Picture Association confirms that the new film will be rated R due to some of its content. The Warner Brothers movie is set to hit theaters on October 4th.

An arrest warrant was recently issued for a pregnant Texas woman. Her crime? Failing to return overdue library books. Kaylee Morgan was attempting to renew her driver's license when she learned of the warrant, as a well as 570-dollar fine. Morgan says she didn't receive the library's late notices and was not able to return the books immediately due to pregnancy complications. A city ordinance in Navasota, Texas, considers it a crime not to respond to a library's notice within ten days. Morgan has since been able to raise enough money to pay for the fine.

There might be an explanation for strange lights seen streaking across the Southern California sky early Tuesday morning. Many witnesses said the objects looked similar to a group of meteors, yet they stayed visible for a lot longer than a meteor would. The consensus now is that it was space junk burning up as it re-entered the atmosphere. Experts believe it was the remains of a Chinese orbital module, which was launched into space in November of 2022.

A country music star is about to hit the road, starting in Florida. Kenny Chesney will launch his "Sun Goes Down" tour this month in the Sunshine State. The country music icon will perform at Tampa's Raymond James Stadium on April 20th. The tour will hit dozens of major cities throughout the U.S. before wrapping up in late August in Massachusetts. Chesney will be joined by the Zac Brown Band, Megan Moroney, and Uncle Kracker. Tickets are on sale now.

In the world of rock music, accidents happen. For example, Iron Butterfly's "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" came about from a band member's drunken pronunciation of "in the Garden of Eden." The song "Badge" by Cream got its title because Eric Clapton misread the word "bridge" on the lyric sheet. And now we find out that a Beatles classic, "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" was the result of Paul McCartney misunderstanding what one of The Beatles' crewmembers said. In the iHeartRadio podcast "Paul McCartney: A Life in Lyrics," Paul the band was on a plane when a roadie asked for salt and pepper. McCartney said he thought the roadie said Sergeant Pepper and a song and album were born.

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