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The GOP has an abortion problem... and it's not their fault!


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Throughout history, those in power have always looked for scapegoats for when things were not going well.

A perennial scapegoat was (and apparently is once again), Jewish people like me.

Back in Nazi Germany, Jews were the scapegoats for why the economy was so terrible and a whole host of other things, but of course Hitler and his henchmen took it to a whole new level.

Having said that, genocide - for that is what it was an attempt at - would not have been possible without the complicity of the population.

Certainly some Germans were disgusted by it but others were happy to embrace the end of Jewish people. No more Jews, no more problems.

It still would not have been possible without one other vital ingredient. In order to kill a certain group of humans, you have to convince the majority population that they are in some way sub human.That makes the genocide somehow more palatable. And the Nazis succeeded in doing exactly that. They needed the majority of their population to be OK with the slaughter of millions, and the way to achieve that was to make everyone believe they were somehow less human than the pure Germans.

They did the same with the disabled, with gay people, with gypsies and many others.

Which brings us to where we are now in this country when it comes to the unborn.

I am unapologetically pro not killing babies! In fact I don't even like calling it "abortion" because it is such a clinical word. Nope, this is baby killing.

Those in power have somehow made the unborn less than human to a point where now it would seem that a majority of Americans want legal baby killing. If it appears on the ballot, those that want it seem to win. You can argue about how we got here, but there is no doubt in my mind, that here is where we find ourselves.

So if you are a politician and you see this, what do you do? Do you say "I am 100% pro life and will always fight for the unborn"? Do you say "We are leaving the decision to the States"? or do you say something else?

The GOP clearly has an abortion problem. How they figure out how to deal with it is the key as to who will hold power in our country.

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