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The REAL reason why the Jewish people have always faced HATE

Throughout history, the Jewish people have been targeted over and over again. But why have the Jews been so hated throughout history? Glenn reviews a few theories that he believes are flat-out lies. Then, he gives the one reason he believes is true: "The Jewish people know who they are...They are God's chosen people." The Jews have a covenant with God. But America also made a covenant, Glenn says, and we must remember it as the world turns against us: "If we're looking for a way out of our situation, the surest way is to follow the example of the Jew. Remember who you are."

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GLENN: Let's -- let's continue our conversation on the covenant, which is coming on Thursday.

And I pose this question first.

Why does everybody hate the Jews?

Scientists have actually, look at this. Experts and historians. This is real.

STU: Really good question.

GLENN: Yeah. Why does everybody seem to hate the Jews?

One, they came up with five reasons. One, jeez, are hated because they're an inferior race.

Except, Jewishness is not a race. Any person, any creed, or color, can convert to Judaism.


I convert to be a Jew, but they would kill me just as fast. Okay. Next one, economic.

Jews are hated because they possess too much wealth and power.

Well, there are some well-off Jews. But there are millions of poor and downtrodden Jews as well.

So Jews are people too. Isn't it kind of weird like that?

Jews are hated, because they're different from everyone else.

It's answer number three. They're outsiders.

Well, Jewish communities often try to assimilate in the 18th century Europe.

They tried desperately to assimilate.

How did that work out for you?

Scapegoat. Answer number four.

The Jews are hated because they're the cause for all the world's problems.

They've been hated because they're an easy target. Okay.

Dioxide. The Jews are hated because they killed Jesus Christ.

Now, I would just like to point out, I'm pretty sure, those were the Romans that killed Jesus.

Those were the ones.

So I ask the question again, why do people hate the Jews?

And why is America second in line

Notice that?

We're the great Satan. Why?

I think there's really one reason.

The Jewish people know who they are. They're the children of Israel. They are from the Promised Land. They are God's chosen people.

Who says they're a chosen people. That's not right.

Everybody is searching for answers

Searching for the truth. Jews have something unique. They have an eternal identity that has been spoken.

And it's an identity that is built on tradition, laws, promise. Faith in God.

A covenant. A rock of a covenant.

And the Jewish people work hard at studying and teaching that covenant.

They've handed down the traditions and blessings from one generation to another, for thousands of years. They are very clear, who they are. Now, just that alone, holding on to who you are, passing on customs, and traditions and conventions. That makes you a little peculiar. In today's world.

We're not doing it. They are. And their covenant gives them a relationship with God and with one another. It binds them. It lifts them up.

You know the attitude with Israel is extraordinarily positive right now. I have heard that people have told me in Israel, that everybody is very optimistic. They're all like, yeah. We're going to win this. And we're going to solve this problem

And they're not cowering in fear. Where do they get that?

The -- the covenant of God, gives them confidence that they will be blessed. If they do what they're supposed to do.

In a world where the foundations of truth and reality are being destroyed, and being distorted, that kind of confidence, lends itself to envy.

And as Yoda warned us, envy leads to jealousy.

Jealousy leads to hate. Hate leads to anger. And anger leads to the dark side.

Or something like that.

STU: Like suffering or --

GLENN: Shut up.

I'll tell you what Yoda said.

We are suffering, today. Are we not?

And it's because we're not grateful. It's because we forgot who we are.

Jealousy, it leads to riots, abuse, and kidnappings. It's lead us to war, and over and over again, it has led to mass genocide.

You see, I think why the Jews are so hated, is because it's Satan's way of winning against God.

This is the Scriptures according to Glenn.

So take it for what it's worth.

God made the covenant.

God did.

I'll be your God. You will be my people. You will grow in size. All Satan has to do to beat God, is to kill God's chosen people.

That forces. If I kill all of his people, then he's no longer God.

Because he said, he would protect them.

Ask if we're looking for a way out of our situation, the surest way is to follow the example of the Jew.

Remember who you are. Remember too, that we're number two. We're the great Satan.

We're next. And that's because we too are a covenant people.

You notice, it's not Great Britain, that they're saying is the great Satan.

It's us. It's us.

Because we -- when the Pilgrims set foot in America. They step forward, not only on the rock in Plymouth.

But on the rock of the covenant. Comparisons are made all the time, between the Jews and the Pilgrims.

And the Pilgrims were also reviled. They were persecuted. They were led to a land of promise.

And like the Jews, the Pilgrims built on traditions, laws, and faith in God. The Pilgrims worked hard. They didn't blame others. They studied. They sought and taught the covenant.

They handed down promises and blessings from one generation to the next. They forged a nation, built on a relationship with God.

But we -- when we get to next week, and we're celebrating Thanksgiving, how many of us are thinking about celebrating any of those things?

Any of them?

We've abandoned our promises. We've cast aside our blessings. We've given up on our relationship with God.

But let Thursday change this. Because we can pick up the mantel of our national covenant again.

And the pilgrims made their covenant with us.

I -- I tell you, with us. Not some generic us. But us!

The people living today, in mind.

They're nearing the first Thanksgiving. They had so many trials. Only half of their company is left.

Half died on the way over. Then the other half -- half of the other half died in the first winter.

William Brewster is one of the survivors. And he said, for some divine purpose, we yet remain.

It is our master's will that we stand or fall here. And in our harvest trials, has not the divine presence been with us. Wherefore, let us stand.

We believe this movement to be from him.

If he prospers us, we shall be the means of planting here a Christian colony.

And of ending hence, a precious blessing. Blessed, blessed, it will be for us.

Blessed for this land. For this vast continent. Generations to come shall look back to this hurry.

And find these scenes of agonizing trial.

To this day of small things. And say, here was our beginning as a people.

These were our fathers. Through their trials, we inherit our blessings. Their faith is our faith. Their hope is our hope.

Their God is our God.

That's what the covenant is about. You have inherited the blessings, and the responsibilities that have come with this covenant.

You didn't make it. But our Pilgrims, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln, renewed it.

We've made this. This is what God means when he says, if that nation will turn back and turn their face back to me, I will heal their land.

It's your turn to step up and answer the call. The nation is waiting. The world is waiting. God is waiting. Thursday, on this broadcast, do not miss Thursday's broadcast. If you want to know more about it, and you want to prepare for it, just go to We have a 40-day. And 40 night. You will have to race through that one. And we have a 15 day that is more on your family.

This first one is about the covenants, and what it all means. All the examples of it in the past. And the 15-day is for your family and for yourself to prepare for it.

You can find those both at

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