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Megyn Kelly: The ONLY 2 Ways Trump Can Beat a Corrupt Legal System

Former president Donald Trump is facing a handful of massive trials, including two that are being prosecuted by extremely partisan attorneys. Megyn Kelly joins Glenn to explain just how unprecedented this is. In New York, Trump is facing a hush-money case where if he doesn’t pay a $175 million bond, Attorney General Letitia James (who ran on a promise to prosecute Trump) has threatened to take his properties. And in Georgia, he’s facing an election interference case run by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who has apparently declared herself the “face of the feminist movement.” Megyn gives quite the response to that news and also explains the only 2 ways she believes Trump can survive these blatantly partisan attacks.

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GLENN: Oh, Megyn, Megyn, Megyn. How do you feel about Fani Willis? I want to quote. Because, I mean, she finally came out. She recognized it. She described herself yesterday, as the face of the feminist movement, and the face of women. She said, I feel more love.actually I have a lot of support from women. And that kind of surprised me. I'll tell you this, especially well African-American women who will just come up to me and say, we're so proud. You're such a great representative of us. But I would be lying to say, it was only African-American women. I've had Caucasian women, Asian women, Indian women. I didn't think I was the face of the feminist movement. But somehow, I've become it. Wow. That's --

MEGYN: Oh, my God. I just threw up a little in my mouth. I feel about Fani Willis the way I feel about Kamala Harris. These people cannot be feminist leaders or the face of female success, because they're too dumb. It's too bad for womankind. We can't allow it. Kamala Harris cannot be the first female vice president or president, God forbid. And Fani Willis is not the face of womanhood. What does that mean?

The face of woman hood is do a piss-poor job of managing your money. Wind up flat broke, despite the fact that you have a law degree. Decide to see the world anyway, by getting some guy, who you are -- who is married to another woman, and letting him take you all over the world on his dime. And then lie about it under oath? That's not -- no. She's not my representative, nor most women's.

GLENN: So do you believe her, that she's hearing that? I guess in small numbers, maybe. But there's no groundswell support for her, is there? Am I missing --

MEGYN: You know what, you're only saying that. Because you don't hang out in hard left circles.

I'm sure she's an icon to people who absolutely hate Trump. And think that Jack Smith is a hero. And Letitia James is one. And Alvin brag.

That's why they love fanny. They don't know anything about fanny. They just know that she's trying to get Trump.

They think the future the republic, hangs on this woman. And she needs to be elevated the way we need to ruin Ronna McDaniel. It's opposite side of the same coin.

GLENN: So I was talking to Andy McCarthy yesterday, and he said, Fani Willis and Latisha James. Both the way they have just gone after Donald Trump -- and Latisha James,actually campaigning saying, I'm going to get him. Hire me, and I will get him. He said, 15, 20 years ago. You -- you wouldn't have had a chance. Nobody in, you know, the law industry, if you will, would have respected you at all.

You wouldn't have gotten elected. We've changed.

MEGYN: It's so dangerous. All I have to say, I go to bed at night, sleeping comfortably for now because we have six conservatives on the U.S. Supreme Court for the first time that I can remember, in my lifetime. And they're the last guard, against this nonsense. They're there. And under the most egregious overreaches, they will correct things. They won't get involved in everything. But thank God we have them. Because the justice system as we know right now, is being perverted by hard partisans, who unlike, you know, as we've seen 10 years ago, to no need to hide it.

He's right, 20 years ago, prosecutors didn't even understand their job to have anything to do with politics. They understood, they would get fired if they looked at justice through that lens. Ten years ago, I think they started doing it, but doing enough to try to hide it.

That it would be considered bad form. And now they're running for office on it. So I've never seen such hard partisans in the prosecutorial decision since Mike Nifong in the Duke case. Right? Somebody who is just completely subverting justice to advance their own interests. In his case, he wanted a higher pension. And if he would get it, if he remained on as DA, in a minority/majority district. And, therefore, he sided with the back fake accuser, against the white innocent defense -- defendants on the lacrosse team. Well, that's Fani Willis. She loves being DA. She's running around telling people she's the greatest DA Fulton County has ever seen. As far as I can tell, she's not particularly talented, definitely not a very smart person. And yet, she's paying somebody ten thousand dollars a year to monitor her media references, that taxpayers are footing that bill, by the way. Because she wants to be a star. That's what Fani Willis wants. She wants you to see her as an icon. Feminism. The one who got Trump. Not the one who got justice.

But let me tell you something, Glenn, her problems are just beginning. There's a very high likelihood that Fani Willis will be disciplined including up to disbarment. That some enterprising committee, whether it's the State Senate Committee in Georgia or potentially The Bar, or someone beyond, will get their hands on the actual substantive texts between Fani and Nathan wade, putting the lie to their on-stand testimony about when their affair began. And that's to say nothing of the case she has against Trump completely falling apart, because there is no Rico violation here.

GLENN: Well, we found out from another icon of women. Another genius woman, AOC, that Rico isn't against the law. It's not a crime.


It's an act.

MEGYN: That's amazing. How do you grow up -- doesn't she -- she grew up in the Bronx, but she didn't. Totally. Okay.

I used to date a guy from New York town heights. It's a lovely superb. His dad is a New York City cop. He lives there. It's not the Bronx. It's in Westchester. It's very different.

So in any event, how do you grow up in any of the Five Burroughs of New York is, and not understand what racketeering is? It's kind of like our favorite crime to bring against the mobsters. It's how we no longer have as active a mob as we used to. She knows very well that it is a crime, and it is something that we use traditionally to get the mob. We have multiple players working together, to advance a criminal enterprise, which as Andy McCarthy mentioned. Said about the Trump defendants and the Rico case. Seems like the only thing they've done together is get indicted.


GLENN: Let me -- let me switch to another court case. The Latisha James case. Seizing of Trump's assets. The bond was reduced from 464 million to 170 million. Which everybody kind of celebrated. Oh, wow.

It's good for -- it's still 170 million dollars. Which is -- in a victimless crime, I don't understand.

MEGYN: It's completely outrageous.

There's no arguing that it's better than 54. I guess that's your silver linings. You pick the ladder. You pick 170 whatever. But, no. You're right. And, look, I think Trump should be able to come up with this, as opposed to the 450, which was scary. And might have cost him a building or two. Which is just so unjust. But it doesn't change much in a case. The injustice against him is patent to anyone who is not a hard left partisan. And what it means, yesterday.

I couldn't believe it. I mean, sometimes the media still surprises me. Was the outrage on the left, about the, quote, special treatment Donald Trump was getting.

GLENN: I know. I read that. I read that this morning. I thought, are you kidding me?

You're saying, there's a double standard for Donald Trump, and it's in his favor. That's crazy be sure.

MEGYN: Yes. Yes. Okay. Laurence Tribe is a Harvard law school professor. He's been there forever, and he's a committed leftist.

He's come on my show. When I first launched my show. He came on. And we discussed, I think it was something around January 6th. I can't remember.

But my point is, he wasn't such a lunatic, that I said, oh, I really don't want to talk to this person. It's too far around the bend. I don't want to deal with them.

He was leading the charge yesterday. About the two-tier justice system, in favor of Donald Trump. Like, they're too far gone.

And unfortunately, their prosecutors and their judges, and some of them are involved in these Trump cases. Which is why I think we understand, the fix is in.

He probably is going to lose potentially across-the-board. On all four of these criminal cases. And the two civil cases, we've already seen. The E. Jean Carroll one going against him, and now this Engoron one has gone against him. It's going up on appeal. And it's all been baked in.

I think at this point, the only thing that will save Trump, is the Supreme Court and us, in November.

Those are the two ways out of this for him. Which is pretty ironic, if you think about it, Glenn. What the Democrats want more than anything, is for him to not be president again. To not run for president again. To skulk off into the darkness. And you think made it such that he must win in order to save his life, his company, his freedom.

He has no choice, but to win. So he will fight harder than ever. I mean, it's kind of perfect.

GLENN: What do you think of Jonathan Turley?

I was thinking earlier today, there's a couple of voices I really trust, when it comes to law. One of them is yours. Alan Dershowitz and Anthony Turley. What do you think of him?

MEGYN: I love Turley. He's great. I used to put him on my show in the middle of the afternoon, when nobody was watching. And he was George Washington professor, and went to visit him a couple of times. And he's brilliant. What I love about Jonathan is he has a way with them word things, that not all real lawyers have. Some lawyers can do it in the courtroom or the brief, but they can't do it on live TV. And he's great at it. I played a sound bite from him two weeks ago, when the Fani Willis judge said, you've got to choose. One of you is going. Fani or Nathan. You guys choose. And he said, it's as if you found two crooks in the bank vault, and you only prosecute one. You know, so, anyway, I love him. He's trustworthy, and he's fair. And I don't even think that Jonathan Turley is conservative. He's just extremely fair.

GLENN: No. I don't think so. Yeah. I think he's a constitutional guy.

MEGYN: Yeah.

GLENN: Which you know constitutional people. Because if they're really based in the Constitution, it doesn't always fall in your favor. You know.

MEGYN: That's right. That's right.

GLENN: Because -- yeah. It's neutral. And sometimes we lose our way.

Can I ask you, the -- all of the stories that have come out today. There's one, I think in Rolling Stone. That talks about the structure, that the left is building, to make sure that Donald Trump doesn't cheat.

I've always felt that whatever they say, that we're doing, they're doing. And there's this amazing article about how they've got lawyers, everywhere. They're lawyering up for any crazy thing. Because he's not going to steal this election.

And their premise on why they're doing this, is because they say, he's lawyering up, and he's going to try to steal the election.

What are we facing? In -- in November? What are we facing?

MEGYN: You know, my mom said a year -- I mean, her lifetime, as a psychiatric nurse at the Albany veterans hospital.

I believe they call this transference. I'll get my psychiatric platform here. What they're doing to him.

I do think this is their best chance of winning. I think they've got more money than the Republicans do. And most of Trump's money has to go to his legal fees. Which I have to be honest, I do also think that helps him.

I also think it increases his chance of winning. People are so angry. I don't think it's a complete waste of flushing money down on legal expenses. Anyway, they have more money. They are better organized. And I think they're dirtier, and they're more afraid. They're definitely more afraid.

You know, I watched 27 minutes of Rachel Maddow last night. Twenty-seven.

I don't think I've ever done that. I said to my teens, is she always this dramatic? She reminded me of Katie Brit. Okay.

Anyway, she is telegraphing 100 percent as she has been for a while. That Donald Trump will get in office, Glenn, and is never going to leave.

That the references by Trump and others to an unfair 2020 election. Forget whether or not you think it was stolen. I think most Republicans would agree, unfair. And not entirely legit.


MEGYN: That that is all trying to dull the senses for the argument Trump will make when he's reelected. That we can't have any more elections. That the system is crooked. And therefore, we just have to keep him in there forevermore like a king. And that, you know, the country would just go along with that, because we're morons, and we've had the senses dulled. Those are the stakes that the left sees on Trump being elected now. So who would put anything past that group? You know, we listen to Sam Harris, explicitly.

I applaud him for his honesty. At least he's being clear about the way he feels. The left, most of these people are, you know, reluctant to actually say that. But behind the scenes, what are they doing?

I think whatever it takes.

GLENN: God help us all. Megyn, thank you so much.

We'll listen to you, again. Right after my program on XM.

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