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Disneyland's REJECTION of Walt Disney should be a WARNING for America

For the first time in its history, Disneyland omitted Walt Disney's opening day speech from its anniversary celebration. Glenn believes it's clear why: Walt Disney created Disneyland to be the exact opposite of what Disney now is. But they're not only cutting Walt out of Disney. They're cutting America out. Glenn reviews Walt's original mission statement for Disneyland and gives a warning: We're not living in the same country anymore, and we're not playing by the same rules...

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GLENN: Let me begin with something that was deleted from the -- the anniversary, the 67th anniversary celebration of Disneyland. Every year, they start with Walt Disney. And what he said at the ribbon-cutting in 1955. They've just deleted this now. And they're trying to erase even Walt, from the Walt Disney World. Here he is, in 1955. Listen carefully, to what he said.

VOICE: We all come to this happy place. Blossom. Disneyland is your land. Here, relives fond memories of the past. And here you may savor the challenge and promise of the future. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideals, dreams, and the heart that created America. With a hope that it will be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world. Thank you.

GLENN: Do you hear what they deleted? And can you understand why they deleted it? To all those who enter here, greetings. Disneyland is dedicated to the ideas, the ideals, and the hard facts, that created America. To send them fourth as a source of courage and inspiration, throughout the world. They haven't been doing that, in a long time. But now, they're not only cutting Walt, the founder, out of Disney. But they're also cutting America out. The America that we all grew up in, the America that we thought we knew, is gone. But it's only on hold. And it's on hold, because it is in each of us. Those of us who lived it, who know its truth, to know its promise. To have received its inspiration. It should now give us courage to continue to stand up, because we know what it was. Our kids don't.

But I want you to know, that it is only -- it's been put in a closet for a while. And it is our job to open that door, and take it back out of the closet. It's only on hiatus. If we choose. Otherwise, it is gone. I have spoken about the Holocaust for a very, very long time. And I've been called a Nazi propagandist. I've been -- I've been called all kinds of things. Because I support Israel. I support the Jews. And I really, truly believe in never forget. Never forget. And that means something, more than just telling the story. Holocaust happened. Killed 6 million Jews. Blah, blah, blah. No. Never forget means, never forget what led to that insanity. So you can stop it.

Vera sheriff was three years old, when her world collapsed. This is from the epic times. She and her family were cased chased out of Romania. And herded out of a concentration camp, in World War II. There, they were left to wait and starve. She said, the cloud of death was always there. Weekly, a list determined who would be sent where, and whether it would be death or a slave labor camp. While at the camp, she said her father died of typhus when she was five. Which was widespread through the camps. Because of cold and malnutrition. After three years, at that camp, waiting. She was rescued in 1944. She said, my mother got a wind of a few orphans, that would be transferred. And transported out of the camp. So she lied and said, I was an orphan to save my life. And that's how I wound up leaving. This began, what she calls her odyssey as a child without parents. Left to her own intuition and critical assessment of other's intentions. She said, I had to assess at a very young age, who I could trust to take care of me. She was on a train at the port of -- Constanta in Romania, where there were three boats waiting to take groups of people to Palestine. She befriended a family. However, on arrival, she found herself assigned to a boat, with other orphan children that would separate her from the family with whom she thought she could trust. So she rebelled. No matter what, I could not be convinced to get on that boat. And miraculously in the end, they gave in to me. Seasick, she fell asleep that night, only to wake up to find out, that the boat with all the orphans had been torpedoed, with who she said, she found out later, had been the Russians. Though she carried guilt for having survived. She was grateful she resisted. Because that resistance kept her alive. I do not obey authority. And it saved my life. She's now speaking out. She said, these memories of the concentration camp. And what she went through, returned in 2020. During the web of covid 19 restrictions, that spun out of control, with the help of media propaganda. She said, so now, I'm quoting, when people are obeying authority mindlessly and giving up their rights, to make decisions about their own lives. And what goes into their own bodies, I think back to that time. She's now a medical activist, and founder of the alliance for human research protection. It's a network of laypeople and professionals who work to uphold humanitarian values. And ethical standards established in the Hippocratic oath. The Nuremberg code, and the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights.

Most importantly, she just joined Scott Schara, cofounder of Amazing Grace's light shines on corporation. She said, both of them see the parallels now, between the national socialist regime in Germany, and the current medical directives being carried out in the United States, through government funding. Before I go on, I want to tell you, I played Walt Disney, because that's who we are. That's who we can be.

That's who we once were. But we are in danger of it forever slipping through our fingers, if we don't recognize times have changed. And you're not living in the same country. And playing by the same rules. Since the death of -- of his 19-year-old daughter, Grace in a hospital in 2021. And he, again, is the cofounder of our Amazing Grace is light. His daughter died in a hospital in 2021. After being injected with a combination of drugs. That he found out later was part of a federal hospital protocol. He said, what's happening is genocide. He's been crusading to tell his daughter's story, to network with others that have had similar experiences, while bringing attention to the protocols that he believes amounted to the murder of his daughter, who had Down syndrome. Under the Nazi regime, he said, medicine weaponized. As it's being today. Though the Jews were the primary target, she said, the first medically murdered victims were disabled German infants and children under the age of three.

Most people don't know this, but Mengele who was the butcher of Auschwitz. He was the guy who did all of the evil experiments on people. He was actually the head of the children's hospital, in Germany.

In the Mercury Museum, I have the last prescription that he wrote, at the children's hospital. And it is for a massive amount of the drug that he was using to kill the children, in the hospital.

This expanded into the operation titled T4, for the street address of the program's central office of Berlin. For all of the disabled of all ages, and the mentally ill and senior citizens. Because as she points out, the Nazis called them worthless eaters. T4 was a concerted effort to rid what their propaganda called The Economic Burden.

Schara pointed out to 2021 Medicare trustee report. She said, have you read it? It evaluates the cost of keeping the elderly and disabled federally funded. 39 percent of the federal budget goes to those two groups right now, who is $2.2 trillion a year. On page, 11 of the report, there's a call for a substantial change, to address the financial challenges. Quote, the sooner solutions are enacted. The more flexible and gradual, they can be. The report says. For her, the implication is while not overtly stated, a call for eugenics, that was supported by the academic elites in early U.S. history. And later adopted by the Nazis. Ten years after he took power, Hitler launched his genocide program, that had been introduced in incremental steps, with the help of propaganda, portraying the regime as heroes. What happened to grace? And what happened to many disabled and elderly in western Europe, Australia, Canada, the United States, in March and April of 2020 was medical murder. Genocide isn't new to the United States. You should know this. We started it here. We started these programs, to kill and sterilize the disabled. Here in America. The Nazis took it from us. So don't think that it couldn't happen here. U.S. Supreme Court Oliver Wendell Holmes. Voted in favor, 8-1 opinion, in the 1921 case of Buck versus Bell, which upheld the Virginia Sterilization Act of '24.

The forced sterilization of Carrie Buck, who was alleged to be mentally defective. Holmes said it would be better to prevent the mentally disabled from being born, than allow them to sap the strength of the state or let them starve for their imbecility. The principle that sustains compulsory vaccines is broad enough, to cover cutting the fallopian tubes. The justice wrote in his opinion. Three generations of imbeciles are enough. Unfortunately, she was never actually mentally disabled. Arguments for eugenics were always built on a lie, she said. But it is an ideology that continues to poison the public health policies. She said, she's very familiar with the banality of evil. And it makes mass murder possible. By making it a bureaucratic routine, that is handed down as orders to the chain of command. To the person who pulls the switch or gives the injection. No one called it murder.

The Nazis were very adept at propaganda and language, and the Jews were called spreaders of disease. Not unlike the epitaphs of those who didn't take the jab, in 2021. The unvaccinated. It was called the pandemic of the unvaccinated. The whole language was dehumanizing. To cut to the chase here. Doctors encouraged the mother to get amniocentesis tests. If the test shows that a Down syndrome or another disability would complicate the parent's life, they encourage abortion. There's an unholy union, when medicine gets in bed with the government. And the Hippocratic oath goes through the window: Do no harm. Look what Big Pharma is doing to children. Look what happened with the gender reassignment surgeries. She says, she's concerned with the elite ruling class, that is godless, believing in only what is measurable and controllable.

We should not fall into the trap, to the false light that saint will eventually ride in, to steal more souls. God's true light believes, we, the people need to reclaim the sovereignty, by learning to trust in intuition. Experience. And the ability to assess lies from the truth. That's the problem. Stop watching mainstream media. They're all reading from the same script. They're bombarding people with fearmongering. Which is exactly the same thing the Nazis did. And how they controlled the population through fear. Have no fear. And if I may quote our Holocaust survivor, America resist. Wake up. And stop obeying.

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