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‘It’s VILE’: Activists protest outside SCOTUS justices' HOMES

The far-left can accuse conservatives — like Glenn — of using ‘aggressive rhetoric’ all they want. But the clear evidence shows THEY are the ones committing such acts. In fact, leftist activists recently have gathered outside the HOMES of Supreme Court justices to protest the court’s alleged, upcoming decision on Roe v. Wade. Convening outside their homes is ‘vile,’ Glenn says, and carries an 'implicit' warning. And, perhaps surprisingly, some Democrat Senators may agree too. Senator Mike Lee joins Glenn to explain why his colleagues across the aisle may not be willing to publicly say what they privately believe...

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GLENN: Yeah. So let's talk a little bit about, first of all, what is happening to the Supreme Court justices, in front of their homes.

Mike, that's clearly illegal. Is it not?

MIKE: Yes. It is. It's violating a statute. It also, quite arguably, violates a federal statute. 18 USC Section 1503, I think it is. That -- would see, that this is unlawful. But more than anything, Glenn, this is just really creepy.

It carries with it, an implicit threat of violence. Because it says to the occupants of the home, where they're protesting, we know where you sleep.

GLENN: Correct.

MIKE: That's the only purpose it serves. And that has no place in society. I actually dealt with this. The first time I dealt with it, I was 11 years old. My father filed a brief in a case, and it dealt with an issue related to abortion. Related to Roe vs. Wade.

The abortion rights movement didn't like it, so they protested in front of our home. I was the only one home at the time. Actually, my older sister Wendy was there, but she was asleep the entire time. She slept long.

So I went out to talk with them. You know, the movie Home Alone hadn't come out yet. It wouldn't come out for another 20 years, but when I saw that movie, many years later, I thought I know how that kid feels. I started thinking, what do I do?

Do I break out the illegal fireworks stash, where my cousins bought on the Indian reservation somewhere before. Do I turn on the sprinklers?

It occurred to me, if I did any of those things, news crews would show up, that would be bad. So I just went out and talked to them, instead.

And the very first thing the lady said to me. There's a lady who appeared to be in charge. We'll call her Karen.

And Karen said to me, well, hello, little boy. We're not here to hurt you.

That's creepy. And it's creepy any time you protest in front of the home of a public official. That's what's wrong.

GLENN: Right. And I'm wondering if that would even be said today. A lot of these protesters. I mean, the -- it's vile what's going on.

Just as it was vile on January 6th. That was a -- that was a mob. And not everybody, but the ones that really kind of broke down the door, et cetera, et cetera. Those people were in a mob mentality.

And just vile. So, Mike, yesterday, without anybody condemning these people and saying, it has to stop. The Senate voted to pass a bill, to provide security services to the Supreme Court justices, and their families.

And it was a unanimous vote.

MIKE: Yes.

GLENN: How can someone on the left say, that this isn't violent, and yet, vote unanimously to provide security?

MIKE: Well, if one of them were on knowinger show. I'm sure all the lefties were on your show all the time.

GLENN: All the time.

MIKE: I'm sure they would say, look, the potential is there. We want to make sure that they have safety, when they need it.

Look, there's no reason for them not to -- there's no reason for them not to call it off. It is inappropriate. I have yet to have this conversation with any of my colleagues. Republican, Democrat, otherwise.

Who -- in which they will disagree with the suggestion. It's inappropriate to show up to someone's home. To protest.

It's not appropriate. I don't know why it is that they can't find the moral courage to express publicly, what I think all of them believe privately. Which is, that is not acceptable.

GLENN: That was the problem with January 6th, for all of us. Where is Donald Trump? Why isn't he stepping up to the plate right now, and saying, this is horrible.

Stop it, right now.

Let me ask you. There's a bill now going through. And at the Senate. And it's to codify Roe.

Can you explain what's going on here?

MIKE: Yeah. There's a bill moving through the Senate. And they want to codify Roe. But it's Roe on steroids. It's worse than Roe. Far worse.

It basically says, that no state can have any law restricting abortion in any way. And guarantees abortion right up until the moment of birth. Without any restriction of law.

So this is a very radical proposal. This is substantial farther to the left, than what you'll see from any ordinary American.

Americans understand, that regardless of how they feel about abortion, more broadly, they understand that the closer you get to birth, the closer you get to the point where a baby could clearly survive outside the womb, nearly all Americans support some restrictions on abortion. But they want to get rid of even those.

GLENN: This act is intended to protect all people with the capacity for pregnancy. Cyst gender women, transgender men. Nonbinary individuals. Those who identify with a different gender, and others who are unjustly harmed by restrictions on abortion services.

Mike, I have to believe, that if I were running for the Senate. And I was kind of in a purple state. I would be really upset. At the Democratic leadership, if I'm running as a Democrat.

MIKE: Yeah. And why wouldn't you be?

But, look, they're trying to impress a certain radical fringe element of their own base. And this is where they're going to do it. The next step they're going to do it. They're going to try to hack the Supreme Court. Or hashtag expand the Supreme Court. As many of my liberal colleagues are using that hashtag. They want to add justices to the Supreme Court of the United States, which is a huge mistake. All these things are designed to delegitimize and denigrate and isolate those Supreme Court justices, to vote for Justice Alito's masterfully written majority opinion.

GLENN: Mike, you were part of the crew that you were a leader of the crew, to find these Supreme Court justices. They're saying now, that it looks like this will be the final ruling. Do you believe that?

MIKE: Yes. I do believe that. And I think the reason why people are freaking out so much, is they're afraid to follow the same thing. That's why, I think if this does, in fact, happen. The pivot will happen very, very quickly. And they will move on to say, this is an illegitimate court, so we have to change it. We haven't seen this since 1937.

It's why -- started seeing this about a year and a half ago. That's why I started writing the book, that comes out June 7th, available for pre-order now, called Saving Nine. Saving Nine explains what happened the last time they did this. How we stop it. And why it's such a horrible idea.

GLENN: It is a book that is right on time. Called Saving Nine. And very good.

Mike, the bill they're trying to pass. Let's just live in fantasy land. We say that it passes. Okay?

Isn't that still what the Supreme Court was saying shouldn't be done? That it should go to the states. It's not a federal issue?

MIKE: All right. Yes.

So the Supreme Court drafted the majority opinion. Written by Justice Alito. Said that the sorts of decision, about to be made by the people's elected lawmakers. And not by nine lawyers, wearing ropes on the Supreme Court of the United States. For the simple reason, there's nothing in the Constitution, that makes this something that the courts decide. Nothing in the Constitution, that even makes this federal, rather than state.

Now, there are some places for federal law, to weigh in on most areas. But most laws, most of the time. That affect your day-to-day life. Are state laws. Not federal laws. It follows logically. That there's nothing the Constitution making abortion distinctly a federal issue. Most laws dealing with abortion, should be handled at the state level.

GLENN: Does that include if New York or California includes, you know, partial-birth abortion, or after birth abortion?

Which is now strangely being talked about in those states? Does the federal government have a role in stopping any of that?

MIKE: Depending on how far Congress wanted to push the envelope. Congress could try to assert more authority in that area.

My personal view is that this is one of those areas, that -- it really is perfect for the Constitution or the constitutional principle in federalism. There isn't a lot of national unity. National consensus on this issue.

People in Utah, would decide this very differently, than the people of New York. And people in Mississippi, very differently than those in the state of Oregon.

And, you know, sometimes, that is part of the constitutional compromise. That's the part of who we are. That is the compromise. Because we allowed people to govern themselves differently. And according to local preferences.

GLENN: Well, Mike, I want to thank you for all the work you've done with it Donald Trump and Ted Cruz to get these devise on the Supreme Court. And -- and women as well.

It's because of I think your work that we have these people. And I am hoping, that when we get a Republican Party in office, that you are appointed to the Supreme Court. Because I think you would make a tremendous Supreme Court justice.

Thank you so much, Mike.

MIKE: Thank you very much, Glenn.

GLENN: You bet. By the way, if you want to support Mike in his race for Senate. You can do that by I don't know. Checking out Mike Lee for Senate. Or whatever the hell.

STU: I don't know. The best way to point people to a site. Yes, you should look at his site. And this is an important week, by the way, to consider that. If you are a person, who looks at the ruling, from -- from Alito. And looks at it, in a positive light. And maybe dreamt of the take that Roe vs. Wade, would be overturned, your entire life, for example. It's important to highlight, as you did right there at the end. The really vital role that Mike Lee has in this ruling.

He was the guy --

GLENN: This is why they're coming after him so hard.

STU: Right. He was the guy who put together the list. Along with the Federalist Society. Along with a couple of people you mentioned. But he was really the driving force, to get that list in front of Donald Trump, that he wound up selecting from. Three justices.

GLENN: And in the office, with him.

STU: Uh-huh.

GLENN: Campaigning for these people. Really trying to educate Donald Trump on who they were, in getting them to be the candidate.

STU: Without Mike Lee, you don't have this situation, you're looking at this week. That's how crucial, he's been to this process. And if you care about this issue at all. You should remember that, as you look at who you're voting for, here in Utah, over the necklace --

GLENN: Well, you have Edwin McMuffin, running against him. Who is pro-choice. That's one thing you would have going for you.

STU: Is he pro-choice?

Regardless, it's one of these things. Even if you had somebody else that you were considering. This is such a vital issue. He was so vital to.

GLENN: And I will tell you, the left knows it. Too bad the right doesn't know it. But the left knows exactly what he's done.

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