Video: Presidential Hopeful Asked How He'd Respond to an Alien Invasion

A Democratic Congressman announcing his bid for the White House in 2020 was surprisingly asked about how he'd respond to an alien invasion. The undoubtedly unexpected question was posed to Rep. Seth Moulton of Massachusetts after he'd declared his candidacy for president on Monday and was subsequently interviewed by Buzzfeed as part of a series of media appearances. During this particular conversation, one of the hosts noted that the Congressman bears an uncanny resemblance to actor Bill Pullman, who famously played the president in the classic film Independence Day.

With that in mind, she asked: "if you were president during an alien invasion, what would your strategy be?" Although the question was clearly offered in jest, Moulton attempted to provide a serious answer to the hypothetical scenario which has become a pop culture trope. After joking that he would not build a wall between Earth and Mars, the Congressman explained that "you've always got to start with diplomacy."

Find out what, exactly, Moulton's vision of diplomacy with an extraterrestrial would look like at the Coast to Coast AM website.

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