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"Reinventing Retirement."

Reinventing Retirement
Mondays 6p-7p, Saturdays 12n-1p

The Reinventing Retirement Radio show presented by Sam Dixon and Chris Dixon, owners and partners of Oxford Advisory Group. Financial experts specializing in cutting down taxes and maximizing social security benefits.

"A Neighbor's Choice"

A Neighbor's Choice
Mondays 7p-9p, Tuesdays 8p-9p, Wednesdays 8p-9p, Thursdays 8p-9p

A national show broadcasting live from Orlando. Hosted by political exorcist and essayist David Gornoski, A Neighbor's Choice Radio explores politics, science, and justice. From news makers to innovators, David brings neighbors on a mind-blowing journey for world-changing solutions.

"Safe Money Radio"

Safe Money Radio
Tuesdays 7-8PM

Every week, host Eric Hutter will be speaking on a variety of retirement and income planning concepts, which are designed to help educate retirees on safe money strategies. The information and topics discussed will work to secure retirees’ financial futures. Eric recently earned the Certified Financial Fiduciary® (CFF) designation. He joins a growing group of financial professionals who have earned the Certified Financial Fiduciary® designation and can immediately and clearly demonstrate how they practice a fundamental obligation to always put their clients. Click here.

"The Smart Money Show"

The Smart Money Show
Wednesdays 6-7PM

Concerned about market volatility? Confused by the myriad of investment products out there? Not sure whether you need to establish a trust? Retirement planning doesn’t have to be complicated. Join financial advisor Harry B Overton and Family Law attorney Geoff Hoatson every Wednesday at 6pm for The Smart Money Show where we'll address these and other questions here on NewsRadio 93.1 WFLA! Find us at

"The Carl Jackson Show"

The Carl Jackson Show
Wednesdays & Fridays 7-8PM

Carl is a Christian, conservative American that happens to be black. He’s a contributing columnist for, World Net Daily, Black Community News and Carl’s show aims to expose the Democratic left’s anti-freedom, anti-Judeo Christian policies and offer solutions that lead us back to the Constitution. On the Carl Jackson Show, “Freedom is the Bottom Line.”


Thursdays 9-10PM
Relationship Radio With A Twist! With many twists! A listener’s digest. We are the pioneers of RadioNet, an integration of high quality radio broadcasting mixed with local, national and global internet interaction. With over 100 years of combined relationship success, 2 doctors and many guest specialists, we are informal, intuitive, non-judgmental, and most importantly, REAL personalities with REAL stories and proclamations that are handled with comedic comfort and an open mind. Visit us at

"Better Lawns & Gardens"

Saturdays 7-9AM

Join Florida's foremost expert in urban horticulture, Tom MacCubbin, as he provides tips, tricks, and decades of experience to help gardeners get the most out of their Florida landscape. Visit

"WFLA's Home Improvement Show"

Home Improvement
Saturdays 9-11AM

WFLA has assembled an incredible panel of home improvement experts to help you with your home fix up, repair, and remolding plans. Our seasoned pros are on hand to answer your home improvement questions. Email Your Home Improvement Questions to Visit our website at

"Hidden Wealth"

Hidden Wealth
Saturdays 11AM-12PM, Sundays 1-2PM

Imagine never losing money to the market or taxes again. Best Selling financial author Charles Oliver has safely and predictably helped clients earn over 8% tax free in the worst decade since the great depression protecting client’s retirement from taxes, inflation, market losses and economic uncertainty. Learn the safe, proven, IRS approved way to secure your retirement. Visit

"Lutheran Hour"

Lutheran Hour
Sundays 7:30AM

Lutheran Hour Ministries is a Christian outreach ministry supporting churches worldwide. LHM produces Christian radio and TV programming for broadcast, as well as Internet and print communications, dramas, music, and outreach materials, to reach unchurched people in the United States and more than 30 other countries. LHM's flagship program, The Lutheran Hour, airs weekly on 1400 stations and the American Forces Network. Visit for more information.

"Retirement Boss"

Retirement Boss
Saturdays 2PM

Join Bruce Gentilella, the “Retirement Boss” each week as he navigates the path toward preserving and securing your retirement. Bruce and his staff are known as Orlando’s retirement specialists providing unique approaches to help investors.

"Central Florida Real Estate Radio"

Central Florida Real Estate Radio
Fridays 6-7PM, Sundays 8-9AM

The show offers tips on buying or selling your home. Host, Laura Petersen, from FrontGate Reality where Your home is guaranteed to sell or Laura Petersen will buy it. The show presents a clear picture of the local real estate market. Laura and her guests offer information, opportunities and solutions so EVERYONE can meet and exceed their real estate goals. For a FREE report on our guaranteed sale program visit

"Dollars and Sense"

Nelson Investments
Sundays 9-10AM

Joel Garris and his family have over 50 years of combined financial experience. The show features discussions about retirement, taxes, mortgages, estate planning, social security and investments. If I has anything to do with your M-O-N-E-Y, Joel can provide a solution!

"The Ric Edelman Show"

Ric Edelman
Sundays 11AM-1PM

Sundays 11a-1p on Newsradio 93.1, The Ric Edelman Show provides an entertaining and unique approach to financial advice you won’t find anywhere else. One of the most acclaimed financial advisors in the country, Ric covers the wide range of personal finance topics that are most important to you and your daily life.

"Good Day Health"

Dr. Ken Kronhaus
Sundays 2-3PM

Good Day Health with Dr. Ken is a popular nationally syndicated radio show. Dr. Ken feels strongly that lives can be saved by providing listeners with a weekly review of breaking medical news.

"Christian Viewpoint"

John Butler Book
Sundays 7-8PM

The Reverend John Butler Book is a straight shooting talk show host who will hit the bullseye of truth dealing with the threats that face our nation today.

"Arms Room Radio"

Arms Room Radio
Sundays 8-10PM

Arms Room Radio heard every Sunday from 8p-10p and nationwide on iHeart Radio is filled with entertaining, conservative commentary on second amendment issues from guys who have been there, done that. Arms Room Radio is more than just a gun show. Tackling issues like when should you defend yourself? What rights do you have? What rights does the government have when it comes to you and your firearm? What’s going on in the military? What’s the Police perspective? Find out from the guys that know. More than a talk show and way more than a gun show…. it's Arms Room Radio. Visit

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