WATCH: Jerry Jones Announces Long-Awaited Honor For Jimmy Johnson

Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony

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The Dallas Cowboys will enshrine former head coach Jimmy Johnson in the Ring of Honor at AT&T Stadium later this year, team owner Jerry Jones announced in a news release and alongside Johnson during a live appearance on the 'FOX NFL Sunday' pregame show Sunday (November 19).

Johnson will be enshrined during the Cowboys' December 30 home game against the Detroit Lions, according to the news release.

"I want you to know something, on December the 30th of 1923, you're going in the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor," Jones told Johnson.

"I hope it's 2023," Johnson responded while smiling.

"What did I say? 19? It is 2023. I want to get this real clear. Three weeks from now," Jones said.

Johnson, 80, then dispelled the long-speculated tension between himself and Jones, 81, his former college teammate at the University of Arkansas, who hired him as the Cowboys coach the same year Jones purchased the franchise.

"A lot of people have talked about the tension between us," Johnson said. "When we went to the Cowboys we were both working around the clock and we talked every single day. We communicated back and forth and Jerry and I talked about this just not too long ago. We never disagreed on anything."

Johnson, who had previously won a national championship at the University of Miami (FL), led the Cowboys to two Super Bowl wins before he and Jones mutually agreed to part ways due to their reported inability to work together in 1993.

"The communication was so good in the early days and the only problem we had was there toward the end we stopped talking a little bit but I tell you what, we're talking now and we're friendly now," Johnson added.

"Well, we certainly are and we should be because we're two of the luckiest guys that've ever been around," Jones added.

Jones' 'FOX NFL Sunday' colleagues confirmed they would be at AT&T Stadium for his enshrinement as he signed off with his signature phrase, "How 'bout them Cowboys."

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