Bank Wants To Garnish Wages Of West Virginia Governor


Photo: AFP

Citizens Bank of West Virginia filed paperwork asking the court to garnish the wages of West Virginia Governor Jim Justice. According to the West Virginia Recordthe bank is seeking $850,434.28 to settle his debt after Bluestone Resources Inc., a coal company he owns, defaulted on a pair of loans.

According to the bank, Justice personally guaranteed to cover all obligations of the company, including the two loans. The first loan of $2.38 million was made in April 2018 to purchase six large pieces of machinery. The bank then gave the company a second loan of $278,014 to buy additional equipment.

Justice, whose estimated worth is over $500 million, earns $150,000 a year as governor. The documents did not say how much money the bank wanted to withhold from his salary.

“Withholding shall continue until one year from the date of issuance of this suggestee execution, unless the above judgment, interest, and costs are sooner satisfied or this suggestee execution is sooner released,” that bank wrote in the filing.

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