Veteran Speaks Out About His Firing Over Vaccine Mandate

Florida Veteran Fired Over Vaccine Mandate

Photo: CBS 12

A South Florida resident and veteran of the U.S. Air Force is speaking out about getting fired from his job over a vaccine mandate.

David Smith says the pest control company he worked for over four years told him if he didn't get the COVID-19 shot, he'd have to find a new job. So that's what he did.

The Royal Palm Beach man, who survived several tours in Afghanistan and a battle with the coronavirus, says he spoke to his doctor before making his stand.

"They told me there's no added pros to me getting the vaccine, since I already had it. So they advised me not to get it."

The 35-year old says he wasn't given the option of being tested weekly. He says the Riviera Beach company that has not been named has over 100 employees and forced them all to have the vaccinations by October 1.

"He was concerned with if somebody at his office was to get it or one of us got it that they could come back at him."

While Pres. Biden says he is having OSHA work up an order that will require companies with 100 or more workers to put in vaccine mandates, there has so far been no order issued. That being said, many businesses have already started enforcing their own mandates.

Governor Ron DeSantis yesterday said he is exploring all options to legally block vaccine-related firings in the private sector.

Smith, who is a husband and father of two, says he has already found a job with another pest control company.

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