Florida Teen Arrested In Connection To Bomb Threat At Western PA School

Photo: Google Earth

A Florida teenager was arrested in connection to a bomb threat made at a Western Pennsylvania high school last week.

Alex Solorio, 14, of Panama City, was charged with making a false bomb threat to Canon-McMillan High School on September 9,, the Bay County Sheriff's Office confirmed in a post shared on its Facebook account on Tuesday (September 14).

The department was investigating a similar incident that took place at Arnold High School, where Solorio is a student, and worked alongside the North Strabane Township Police Department in Western Pennsylvania during its investigation with the belief that the two incidents were possibly linked.

Police said Solorio called in the bomb threat at Canon-McMillan High School, while a student at that school, in turn, called in a threat to Arnold, which was made on Tuesday.

"On September 13, 2021, contact was made with that student, and it was learned that he did in fact call the threat into Canon-McMillan High School in Pennsylvania. In return, a student there had agreed to call a threat in to Arnold, which occurred yesterday."

Police have not identified the Canon-McMillan student who called in the threat at Arnold High School as of Wednesday (September 15) and the investigation is active and ongoing.

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