Water Warning at Lake Eola

Swan boats won't be pedaled around Lake Eola today

The city issued a health alert because of high levels of e-coli bacteria in the lake.

Signs are posted around the park informing visitors of the health advisory.

Stormwater crews are trying to trace the problem and frequent testing continues.

Here's Monday's news release from the City of Orlando:

The City of Orlando will be issuing a Lake Alert this afternoon for Lake Eola to make residents, business and visitors aware of elevated levels of bacteria in the lake.
As a precaution, swan boats are no longer available for rental at this time. The public will be notified through the city's Lake Alert system and signage is being placed around Lake Eola to make park visitors aware. Additionally, the Lake Eola swan veterinarian has been notified and is working with City of Orlando Parks staff to oversee the care of the swans and ensure they remain in good health.
City of Orlando Stormwater crews are actively looking into how this occurred and working to identify what may have caused the increased bacteria levels. City Stormwater personnel will continue taking water samples within the lake to monitor the bacteria levels in the coming days. 

Image courtesy Getty

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