Police Say A Son Stabbed His Father To Death During Zoom Meeting

A 32-year-old man from Amityville, New York, was arrested after allegedly stabbing his father to death in the middle of a video conference on Zoom. Police said that Dwight Powers, 72, was in a Zoom meeting with about 20 other participants when his son, Thomas Scully-Powers, walked into the room and stabbed him.

Multiple people on the video chat called 911 when they noticed that Dwight was no longer visible on the screen. Officials said it is unclear if anybody witnessed the murder take place.

"We don't know what they witnessed. There were a number of people on this conference call. We think there were about 20 people," Det. Lt. Kevin Beyrer said. "They just noticed him fall off the screen, and then they heard heavy breathing."

One witness, who did not wish to be identified, claimed he saw the aftermath of the murder.

"Bed sheets were being ripped off the bed by a gentleman who appeared to be naked as well as bald, and he had a tattoo on his left arm, and then he placed the bedsheets on the floor as if he was covering something up," the witness told WABC.

Thomas fled the scene when the police arrived and suffered a minor injury when he jumped out of a second-floor window. After a brief search, he was taken into custody and is facing charges of second-degree murder. Authorities have not said why Thomas killed his father.

Photo: Getty Images

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