Insurance Claims: 3 Steps to Take BEFORE the Hurricane Arrives

Courtesy of Allstate Insurance

Planning for the unexpected is critical. By taking three simple steps before the storm hits, you can keep loved ones safe and make the recovery process less stressful knowing your financial assets are protected. Allstate urges residents to listen to local authorities and law enforcement regarding when to evacuate and when it is safe to return home. Allstate also offers these timely tips as you prepare.

Before the storm hits:

  1. TAKE PICTURES. Take inventory and identify items you want to bring with you. In case of an evacuation, think carefully about what items are easily replaceable by insurance and what items are not, like family heirlooms, keepsakes and pictures. If time allows, walk through your home with a video or still camera to record your possessions; this can help facilitate the claims process.

  1. COLLECT AND PROTECT YOUR PAPERWORK. Collect important paperwork including bank and financial information, bills, checkbooks, insurance policies, birth certificates and identification. To ensure preservation, place them in a waterproof container.

  1. KNOW YOUR POLICY. Review your homeowners’ or renters' insurance policy to determine whether it provides reimbursement for increased living expenses when you are prohibited from using your home because of civil authority orders. Review your auto policy to determine whether you have coverage for flying objects or rising water. Please note that in some states, coastal homeowners may have insurance for wind and flood with a different company than their primary homeowners’ insurance policy; make sure to gather all information and policy numbers.

In the case of an evacuation, take an emergency supply kit including a three-day supply of water, non-perishable food, weather radio and batteries, flashlight and a first-aid kit. Alert neighbors or family members where you will be going during the evacuation and exchange contact information.

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