Trump Bans Abortion Providers From Receiving Federal Family Planning Funds

A pro-choice escort waits at the doors of a Planned Parenthood as pro-life activists rally during a protest

The Trump administration has finalized new rules that would change the eligibility requirements for Title X Family Planning grants. The new rules would require that any health clinic must be "physically and financially" removed from abortion providers in order to receive federal funding. Clinics would also be banned from referring women to a clinic that does provide abortions.

The Title X Family Planning program costs $260 million a year and helps fund nearly 4,000 women's health clinics across the country which provide health and reproductive services for roughly four million women.

Critics have claimed that the new rules are a direct attack against Planned Parenthood. The non-profit organization runs about 40% of the clinics that receive federal funds, and many of them would lose that money because they provide abortions or refer women to a facility that provides them.

Photo: Getty Images


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