Legal Briefs on December 12, 2018

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Question:Stormy Daniels was ordered by the judge to pay Trump $293,000 in legal fees. She was shocked because the case never went to court. She had no idea that she can be on the hook for big time legal fees even when the case doesn’t go to court and a verdict is not rendered. Is that common? Is that something that could surprise a lot of people listening to us?

Answer:It went to court, it just didn’t go to trial. She was paid to be quiet and when someone else offered her more money she decided to sue, and it backfired. 

Question:The judge decides if there’s no merit to your case. If I’m filing a suit and building a case and I think it has merit but maybe the judge doesn’t, I could wind up on the hook for the other guys legal fees without a verdict ever been read? It doesn’t seem right to me.

Answer:Very rarely are cases are thrown out that easily. What happened in this case is that it was obviously clear to the judge that there was no case to begin with. This has been a political matter since the beginning. 

Question:There is talk of Trump being indicted for supposedly directing Michael Cohen, who will be sentenced today, to pay Stormy Daniels and another woman hush money. These women alleged affairs with Trump in the last decade, he denies it all. The Democrats are saying this is campaign finance violation and it could land Trump in jail after he leaves the White House. Trump is claiming it’s all a private matter that he had Cohen’s settle for him, not connected to his campaign, not illegal in any way. Who has the high ground legally? In other words, who’s likely to win the day?

Answer:If he didn’t’ take the money out of campaign funds, then there’s probably no issue. The tax payers will only waste millions of dollars pursuing this.  

Question:We continually on local television see these ads from lawyers who want to sue on your behalf to recover damages from everything to car wrecks to medical procedures. What advice would you give to people who see these ads and want to respond to one of them?

Answer:Rule number one, always know who your attorney is going to be. 

Question:We always see many ads when lawyers gets someone a million dollars. What is the reality for many people who interface with these firms?

Answer:It doesn’t mean you will receive a million dollars. It means you a got a million dollars settlement in which gets contributed to many parties involved such as attorneys, doctors, etc. The question you should ask is, what is your average settlement for clients? 

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