Legal Briefs on December 5, 2018

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Question:What do you make of the recommendation of little or no jail time for Michael Flynn and how this Mueller probe is wrapping up?Answer:The only crime he committed was lying and denying that anything happened. However, the information he withheld didn’t concern for legal action. Question:How much trouble do you think this Mueller probe when it’s finally released will it be for Trump? Do you have a sense of it?Answer:I think over the next 2 years they will keep harassing the President and not accomplish anything. No laws or bills are going to be passed. They will make sure the budget is being taken care of but that is about all they’re going to do.Question:Amendment Four approved by 65% of the voters to do in Florida what most states do. When you are a convicted felon, except for murder and sex offenders and you paid your debt to society, you get your other rights back including your voter rights. Now there’s an effort at the official level to get the legislature involved and kind of forth the will of the people. Is there any recourse here? For the people legally to say, wait a minute we have a system. We approved an Amendment which is to be implemented without interference or delay.

Answer:There are always people wanting to change the Amendment laws, etc. The Congress may come in and limit certain things such as gun rights from the convicted felons. 

Question:Recently a Florida man who went hand gliding in Switzerland. The pilot doesn’t strap the guy in right before launching him and he ends up hanging on to a bar. Broke his wrist when he fell off during a rough landing. He was terrified, but he said initially that he doesn’t plan to sue. If he did sue, what are his chances of winning given that the incident occurred in a foreign country?

Answer:It will be based on the laws that they have in that country. 

Question:An 85-year-old man in Lakeland who was bitten by an alligator that came out of a pond and grabbed his foot on a golf course. Should this guy sue and who would he sue and what are his chances of winning?

Answer:If the golf course has knowledge and previous gator attacks, then the golf course may be held liable. 


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